Western Districts at Sea Cliff Yacht Club 2019

Sea Cliff Yacht Club hosted the annual Western Districts Regatta on July 3rd This regatta happens every year and features clubs on  Long Island Sound located within New York State. 

This event is a great place for sailors to experience racing against kids from other clubs early on in the summer. It can really show where you did well and where you may need to improve throughout the summer. Like most hot summer days on the Long Island Sound, this one started out with very little wind, however it began to pick up by midday. Sailors from Larchmont and Hempstead Harbour claimed they were, “…just excited to get out there on the water and try to get a race off.” In the morning the sailors and instructors from their respective clubs all gathered for the skippers meeting led by Doug Wefer, the PRO. 

After the instructor and skipper meetings with all 15 clubs, the sailors were ready to start getting their boats together on the beach and ready to launch. Sailors went from the beach to the docks to continue rigging. Sailors in double-handed boats found their partners and helped each other get the boats ready. Once everyone was all set, the sailors for the various classes of boats, began for a late harbor start. 

Once the races had concluded late in the day, we had several boats do very well. The top three in 420s were Margaux Cowles & Leighton Farrel from Larchmont YC, Zach Klusky & Erickson Rankin from Seawanhaka and Charles Roseberry & Natalie Manley from Larchmont YC. 


Moving on to Laser Radial we had for the top three: Andrew Powers, , Manuel Cadarso and Sophie Brett, all from American YC. In Laser Standard there were, Carter Boykin-Holland from Larchmont YC taking first, Eric Dowd from American and Katrina Ronan from Larchmont.


In the O’pen BIC category in first we had, Michael Fiechter from Douglaston, then Nicolas Puspurica  and then his brother Alexandru Puspurica, both from Hempstead Harbour Club. 

Lastly with the Fevas we had Tyler Curto & Paul Panagos in first from Hempstead Harbour Club, Tijsen Moses & Aaron Dranow also from Hempstead Harbour Club and Hayden Hart & John O’Connell from Larchmont YC.

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Sailors from Hempstead Harbour Club and Larchmont Yacht club just before the race!