Qualifying for JSA Championships: The Rules for JSA Events lists the qualifying events for the JSA championships and the scoring method that determines the qualifying percentage of top finishers at each event. The details may be read in this extract from the JSA Rules. The JSA championship qualifiers position report is used to calculate the qualified skipper finish positions for all classes. The position report that includes events through July 18, 2024, may be viewed here.


The 2024 event schedule is displayed below. It may be adjusted for date overlaps or to spread events more evenly. Some recurring events that are not yet posted will be displayed after the host confirms the event details.


Upcoming events for which JSA of LIS membership is required may also found on this Clubspot event listing. If the event you are looking for does not appear on the Clubspot list or on the JSA calendar below, that event will appear when the event is published on Clubspot by the event host.


Listings of featured calendar events may be found in this link:
Certification courses for instructor training and powerboat safety