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  • JSA LIS All Instructor Symposium 2023

    The JSA of JIS All Instructor Symposium was held on June 14, 8:30-3 pm at Larchmont Yacht Club. Sailing instructors, coaches, head instructors, sailing & program directors were invited to this one-day jump-start to help the instructing staff at all JSA programs share a collective understanding of how to ... read more »
  • JSA LIS Head Instructor Workshop 2023

    Room view 2022 HI Workshop
    The 2023 Head Instructor Workshop that was held on Thursday June 8, 2023, at the Beach Point Club continued the in-person format that enhanced the exchange of ideas among head instructors and other program leaders, such as directors and senior staff.  Head instructors and junior program directors were ... read more »
  • JSA LIS Spring Meeting 2023

    The Spring General Meeting of JSA member programs was held virtually during the evening of May 31, from 7:30 - 8:55 PM. Approximately 25 people attended the meeting on Zoom. We hope that many more may be able to benefit by viewing this archive of the workshop resources, including the agenda, the recorded ... read more »