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  • Sportsmanship as told by Clemmie Everett

    A #TBT article by Clemmie Everett, who won the Sportsmanship Award at the 1999 Leiter Trophy and the 2008 Adams Cup, shares this reminder that how we play the game impacts the health of the game. Rings true to us in JSA we're out here to build a community and this isn't only in sailing, the friends we ... read more »
  • Getting Recruited to Sail in College

    Tips to for getting recruited to sail in college Link at bottom to Jay Keyhoe's Do's and Don'ts of getting recruited to college. Long term: Find a boat you feel comfortable with, coaches aren’t looking for a specific class. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a 420, laser, pixel or 29er. Don’t feel ... read more »
  • Larchmont crew leads 29er Nationals

    Cate Mollerus of Larchmont Yacht Club is currently leading 29er Nationals being held in Newport, RI. Mollerus and Chris Williford, her skipper out of Fort Lauderdale, FL have put on a clinic out there winning 5 of 7 races sailed so far. Racing concludes today at 15:00, good luck and we'll be checking the ... read more »
  • Area B Qualifier for the 2016 U.S. Chubb Junior Championships

    American Yacht Club is hosting this year’s US Sailing Area B Qualifier for the single and double handed classes, July 16-17th.  The singlehanded boat sailed in this event is the Laser Radial, and the doublehanded boat is the Club 420.  The top two finishers in each class will qualify to compete in US ... read more »
  • Law Trophy Regatta at Indian Harbor Yacht Club

    The Commodore Law Trophy Regatta is the first JSA of LIS regatta of the summer sailing season, held on Monday and Tuesday in the first week of summer sailing for many junior programs. Final results are available here. It is open to sailors who qualified for JSA Champs in the previous year or were ... read more »
  • Regatta Parents, the Unsung Heroes of Sailing

    The first regatta is never easy, not for the obvious reason of racing against unfamiliar faces, but for something different. In sports such as lacrosse, soccer or baseball, your parents probably had some idea of how they function. It’s pretty simple, don’t forget gear and be at the field on time. For most ... read more »
  • Developing Olympic Sailors

    To admit defeat is not an easy task, not for an individual, a team, and certainly not for the US Olympic Sailing Program. Yet, according to Craig Lewneck, that is exactly what the program did. After years of dominating the Olympic Podium, the 2012 Olympic Team did not medal. To the organization, 2012 was not ... read more »
  • JSA All Instructor Symposium Write-up

    On June 22nd, Larchmont Yacht Club hosted the annual All-Instructor Symposium for JSA instructors from all around the Long Island Sound. The Symposium consisted of a series of keynote speeches and group sessions that encouraged discussion and growth within the instructor community. The skill level of ... read more »
  • JSA of LIS Racing Clinic at Stamford Y.C. June 25 -26

    The 2015 JSA of LIS Racing Clinic for C420s, Lasers and Radials will be held at Stamford Yacht Club for two days on June 25 to 26. Sailors will learn from experts, enhance racing skills and gain advice at the start of the summer sailing season. JSA's clinic features college sailing coaches and champions, ... read more »
  • A 500-Mile Voyage Home from College

    Courtesy of: Pamela Aris Veterans of Pequot Junior Sailing Program and Housatonic Boat Club Sailing Instructor’s 500-mile Sailing Odyssey Home from College June 2016: A 500-mile sailing odyssey from Chestertown, MD to Southport, CT’s Pequot Yacht Club began for Theodoros (Theo) Aris after restoring a CAL ... read more »
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