Roster Registration and Parent Waiver System


The JSA Roster Registration and Parent Waiver System is now available for the year 2022

Details are available on the Roster Registration page on the JSA web site at

Parents may use that web page to connect with JSA’s Registration and Waiver platform on The Clubspot system where they may update last year’s sailors or register new sailors. We ask each JSA member junior sailing program to direct their parents to that Roster Registration page web page, either by emailing the above link to parents or embedding the link in their summer program registration system.

Program Directors at each JSA member club will be then able to monitor the status of the roster registrations made by their club’s parents through their program dashboard on The Clubspot system.

Contact Us: If you have questions about the JSA Roster Registration system, please contact Bob Whittredge and the JSA roster support team by using this special email: