Enforcing Ethics

The following is a guide for Program Chairs and Head Instructors on enforcing JSA Ethics Guidelines


At their junior sailing programs, junior sailors should learn to follow the JSA Ethics Guidelines* and the guidelines established by their own sailing programs. Any sailor who fails to observe these guidelines should be subject to disciplinary procedures. The junior sailing programs should:

  1. Make sure that junior sailors are familiar with JSA Ethics Guidelines and their own program guidelines.
  2. Make sure that junior sailors understand the consequences that will occur if they do not follow these guidelines.
  3. Publish disciplinary procedures for infractions of JSA Guidelines and their own guidelines.


What follows is an example of one club’s disciplinary procedures:

 “If a junior sailor disobeys a rule, one or more of the following will occur in ascending order:

  1. Conference with instructor in charge at time of infraction.
  2. Conference with head instructor as soon as possible.
  3. Dismissal from program for remainder of day, after discussion with parent.
  4. Conference with junior committee rep, head instructor and sailor.
  5. Conference with junior committee rep, head instructor, parent and sailor.
  6. Dismissal from program for one week.
  7. Dismissal from program for remainder of summer (no refunds).”



The following is the amendment to “Rules for JSA Events”, Sections 9  and 10

Changes are italicized and underlined

Section 9 – Other Rules

9.4 Supervision *

  1. c) Support craft shall be operated at all times under recognized principles of safe motorboating. If any driver violates JSA 9.4 c), he or she may be barred from the remainder of the event and/or future events.


  1. d) Inappropriate and/or unsafe conduct by any instructor will result in that instructor being sent home with all his/her competitors, unless another instructor replacement is provided for these competitors.

* See “JSA Guidelines for Instructors”


Section 10 – Discipline


10.1 All junior sailors at all JSA events are expected to behave in accordance with

recognized principles of sportsmanship, good manners and fair play. The regatta organizer or protest committee may discipline and/or penalize a junior sailor for actions that include

but are not limited to the following:

  1. swearing at, intimidating or harassing anyone, including teammates, on or off the


  1. stealing or borrowing, without permission, anything that does not belong to them;
  2. possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.


10.2 When at a regatta a junior sailor is disciplined under JSA 10.1, the regatta organizer shall notify the offending sailor’s parents, program chairperson and yacht club commodore, and the Chairman of the JSA. The junior sailor’s club shall take disciplinary action within 48 hours and shall notify the Chairman of the JSA regarding this action. In addition to any action the Club takes, further disciplinary actions may be taken by the Chairman of the JSA including, but not limited to, initiation of action under Section 13 of the JSA By-Laws.


JSA Ethics Committee – January, 2004


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