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  • JSA LIS Spring Meeting 2023

    The Spring General Meeting of JSA member programs will be  held virtually during the evening of May 31, from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Please register in advance on Zoom. Representatives from the JSA member junior sailing programs are invited to attend this meeting to discuss the summer initiatives and events. ... read more »
  • JSA LIS Preseason Clinic 2023

    JSA 2022 Clinic Group Photo at Dock
    Sailors enhanced their skills during the 2022 clinic The JSA of LIS Preseason Clinic for Club 420s, Fevas and ILCAs (Lasers) all rigs will be held at Stamford Yacht Club for two days on Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25, 2023. Sailors will learn from experts, enhance performance skills and gain advice at ... read more »
  • JSA LIS Event Management Workshop 2023

    SA LIS Opti Champs at Cedar Point YC
    The 2023 JSA of LIS Event Management Workshop was held online April 19, from 7 – 9:10 PM. The resources from this workshop, including video / audio recording and slides, may be accessed on this resource page. Regatta chairs, race officers, regatta committee members/volunteers, sailing and program directors ... read more »
  • JSA of LIS Midwinter Meeting March 4, 2023

    Midwinter meeting attendees with video camera.
    This photo recalls JSA's first hybrid meeting that occurred at Beach Point Club for the Midwinter Meeting in March 2020 Exchange junior sailing program management ideas at the JSA of LIS Midwinter Meeting on Saturday March 4 at the Beach Point Club, 900 Rushmore Ave, Mamaroneck NY. The final agenda may ... read more »
  • Discussion about Staffing Topics February 22, 2023

    The JSA of LIS Program Staffing Discussion was held via Zoom video meeting during the evening of February 22, 2023, from 7:05 to 8:20 pm. The meeting had registrations from representatives of 23 organizations. The resources from the meeting may be viewed at this link. The available meeting resources ... read more »
  • US Sailing In-Person Session Hosts Needed

    Level 1 Evaluation Session
    The JSA of LIS is reaching out to Junior Sailing Program leaders to ask for mutual assistance to ensure that your program, and other sailing programs offered by JSA Member Programs, are staffed by well trained and certified instructors, which will help all our programs operate safely during the summer. The ... read more »
  • Discussion about Staffing Topics November 15 2022

    A discussion about staffing at JSA of LIS member junior sailing programs was held via Zoom meeting during the evening of November 15, 2022, from 7 to 8 pm. The meeting had 35 people registered from 25 organizations. The resources from the meeting may be viewed at this link. The available meeting resources ... read more »
  • JSA of LIS 2022 Annual Meeting Summary

    JSA Annul Meeting audience in room at Larchmont YC
    A large audience attended in-person at Larchmont Yacht Club The JSA of LIS Annual General Membership Meeting was held in-person at Larchmont Yacht Club and via simultaneous Zoom video during the evening of October 17, 2022. The meeting had 117 persons registered (75 attended in-person at Larchmont YC ... read more »
  • Junior Sailing After Summer 2022

    A variety of junior sailing sessions are available in Western Long Island Sound during late summer and fall 2022. If your organization is offering clinics or training that are open to all, please notify the JSA office by email to info@jsalis.org. Name: Huguenot Yacht Club Fall Sailing Dates: Begins ... read more »
  • Yacht Maiden Inspires Junior Sailors

    Maiden, a 58 foot ocean racing sailboat, made one of her world-tour stops at Oyster Bay NY during the week of July 11, 2022. Maiden was the craft that Dawn Riley, Executive Director of Oakcliff Sailing Center, sailed in during the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989-1990 with an all female crew. The ... read more »
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