Before the season

  • Learn more about your child’s boat, JSA Boat Class pages which provides links to Class Associations, as well as tuning and setup guides on each of the boat classes.
  • Complete basic registration forms for your sailors using the JSA Online Registration module.
  • Read about Encouraging your junior sailor and suggested Guidelines for parents
  • We also encourage you to review the JSA suggestions on Property Loss Procedures and Regatta Housing and Shore Side Rules for Junior Sailors.

During the season

  • Use the Regattas page to read Notices of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI) for regattas that your sailor will attend to get an understanding of how the event will run.
  • Read Regatta Responsibilities to learn about your role in making regattas a good experience for your sailor.
  • Make sure you have under-age/under-weight request forms completed if your sailor does not meet the age or weight requirement for his/her boat.
  • Learn about how sailors qualify for Champs at this link.


  • PROPERTY LOSS PROCEDURES The following are recommended property ...
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