JSA for junior sailors

Mission statement

Mission Statement

The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound supports junior sailors at member programs by fostering and coordinating programs and activities that encourage them to experience the joy of sailing and instill a life-long love of this great sport.

The JSA promotes ethical behavior among its sailors and encourages the teaching of lessons which build character, foster teamwork and strengthen respect for self and others.

The JSA encourages an appreciation and respect for the marine environment so important to sailing.

Through its programs and policies, the JSA supports both serious competitors and recreational sailors at all levels of skill and encourages their sailing in local waters and beyond.

The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound supports its member junior sailing programs through leadership, training, communication and event-scheduling. Its member programs are sponsored by yacht, sailing, beach and shore clubs, associations, and youth and community organizations. The programs are located on tidewater in Connecticut or New York.

Founded in 1924 and incorporated in the State of New York in 1958, the JSA of LIS is an independent, non-profit corporation that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and also in the State of New York. The JSA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by representatives from its member programs.

The JSA is a member of the national governing body US Sailing Association and our regional association Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRA of LIS). The JSA also coordinates with other regional sailing associations in the Long Island Sound area.

Activities of the JSA

-Maintains liaison with the US Sailing Training Committee, supports its local instructor-training clinics, and promotes use of its publications
-Sponsors specialized instructor training that is not otherwise available in the western Long Island Sound region
-Produces special events and printed materials that stimulate a high quality of instruction and curriculum development
-Creates a variety of events that develop excellence in sailing, ranging from completely non-competitive events to fleet racing, and some of which emphasize boathandling, seamanship, navigation, and other sailing-related skills

-Publishes and curates information via its website, online social tools, and yearbook
-Maintains directories of Program Chairs, Instructors, and its own membership
-Holds three general membership meetings a year
-Sends delegates to the annual National Sailing Programs Symposium and relays information gathered there back to its Member Programs
-Maintains liaison with the Optimist, O’pen Skiff, Feva, Laser, and Club 420 Class associations, and with US Sailing.

-Provides an online roster registration management system
-Holds an annual midwinter conference of Program Chairs which includes speakers on specific Program Management topics and also an organized information exchange between experienced Program Chairs and new ones.
-Promotes Program-Chair, Head-Instructor and All-Instructor attendance at a variety of relevant workshops
-Informally assists in instructor job placement
-Conducts an annual survey of Member Programs and publishes the results

-Provides an online regatta management and scoring system that is integrated with the online roster
-Schedules, promotes, and monitors training clinics, regattas, contests, and meets, which are run by Member Clubs, including the Junior Championships for the YRA of  LIS region
-Determines eligibility criteria, regatta conduct standards, safety practices, and sailboat classes to be raced – Optimist, O’pen Skiff, Pixel, Feva, Laser, Laser Radial and Club 420
-Awards championship, season, and special-event prizes
-Encourages joint events and special-instruction pooling by small groups of neighboring programs

CONTRIBUTION REQUEST: Contributions in addition to dues are vital to these activities. JSA thanks parents, instructors, and friends for their past support and hopes they will make additional contributions this year. Dues and contributions are tax-deductible within legal limits for U.S. Income Tax purposes. Please review our Contribution page.