Challenging yacht owners to increase youth participation

The  YRA of LIS wants to increase the participation of youths in its big boat sailing events, so the YRA has introduced the Youth Challenge Cup. Yacht owners competing in YRA qualifying regattas are encouraged to include youths not older than 18 years of age as part of their crew.

YRA of LIS Youth Challenge Cup Qualifications:

  • All YRA qualifying regattas will be counted towards the Youth Challenge Cup.
  • A boat must be sailed with 25% of her total crew, (rounded to the nearest whole number), not older than 18 years of age (in the calendar year).
  • It is the entrants’ responsibility to have the initials “YCC” displayed after the boat name on all race documents, (Scratch Sheet and Results).
  • The entrant must e-mail the YRA Scorer at for each race they intend to count towards this trophy. It must include the total number of crew and the number of qualified youth on board.

More information may be found in the YRA website under the menu Trophies > Season & Special Awards > scroll to Youth Challenge Cup, and also in the “YRA LIS Racing Program” located on the YRA website (see page from 2023 edition).

Email questions to the YRA Office at