Events scheduled in the coming months may be viewed on the JSA calendar.

If your club would like to host a JSA sanctioned regatta in 2020, simply email your proposed event details to JSA’s Regatta Committee at regatta@jsalis.org. The committee will reply and may request additional supporting information. As example, for a JSA Championship regatta, the Intent to Bid form shown below describes the additional information needed from a prospective champs host.

The JSA Regatta Playbook is a month-by-month guide to help you through the planning process. The Playbook and the other links in this section will assist you in running a successful regatta. 

Important links and information

  • JSA Bid Intent Form for a 2020 championship event may be downloaded here: Bid Intent Champs
  • JSA Countdown to Champs for a 2020 champs event may be downloaded here: Countdown Champs
  • JSA Regatta Playbook for a 2020 event may be downloaded here: Playbook
  • Clubspot regatta management host club administrator guides
  • JSA Regatta Templates: 2020 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (with Race Courses)
  • Below are examples of regatta documents used in 2019, which will be updated for 2020
  • JSA Code of Conduct for Sailors, Parents and Support Persons during 2019: Code of Conduct
  • JSA Rules for Events for 2019 may be downloaded here: Rules for Events
  • JSA Regatta Registration and Scoring guide will be updated soon for the Clubspot system that JSA recommends be used for regatta registration.
  • JSA Regatta Forms are available at these links:
    • Liability Waiver, Medical Information and Underage & Underweight Permission forms are now incorporated in the Clubspot system.
    • Safety Inspection Forms for each boat class are available on the JSA Boat Class pages.
  • Clean Regattas are an important way to educate junior sailors on the principles of protecting and preserving our waters. See SailorsForTheSea.org for information on running a Clean Regatta.
  • US Sailing Guidelines: the Playbook is tailored to the JSA schedule and Rules for Events.  For a more general set of guidelines see the US Sailing website Regatta Management.
  • Information on Junior Big Boat events can be found at JSA website Big Boat Resources

Regatta Planning Timetable


  • Finalize the regatta date with the JSA.
  • Select a Regatta Chair (or “Event Chair”).
  • Select an experienced Principal Race Officer (PRO) who has worked with youth sailors and recruit race committee, judges and protest committee volunteers. Get them started on the NOR and SIs using the templates shown above.
  • Determine the other key subcommittee Chairs – Safety, Housing, Hospitality, Shore-side Logistics, Communications / Sponsorship, Registration
  • Complete preliminary detailed budget; Set the regatta fee structure and communicate to JSA
  • Develop event timeline or key date schedule


  • Recruit volunteers! Make an announcement at a Club membership meeting; connect with the Junior sailing Program Chair for a list of volunteers
  •  Registration
    • Determine how you will accept registrations
    • Determine how you will collect regatta registration payments
  • Safety
    • Optimist Championship plan for a safety inspection, see the JSA website for guidance
    • Develop a safety plan for both on and off the water
    • Request a Safe Boating Campaign Kit from the National Safe Boating Council by emailing campaign@safeboatingcouncil.org
  • Housing (for multiday regattas)
    • Include a section on housing in the NOR to clarify who will be housed.
    • Set appropriate expectations both for sailors being housed and host families, see the JSA website under “Housing” for guidelines


  • Post approved Notice of Race (NOR)
  • Shore-side Logistics – Arrival / Departure Plan, Parking plan, Launching Plan, Hoisting Plan
  • Hospitality – On-water lunches, breakfast and dinner for multiple day regattas, Entertainment (a D.J., games, etc.) and chaperoning, Snacks and beverages immediately upon coming ashore, Water, water, water
  • Communication / Sponsorship – Sponsors, Giveaways, Communication Plan (article in club newsletter, Facebook page, website, etc.), Event photographer
  • Trophies – JSA Championship trophies are provided by the JSA, Sportsmanship Award


  • Order wristbands / croakies / lanyards / tshirts if appropriate (consider different color tshirts for volunteers so they are easy to identify)
  • Send dignitary invitations (including commodore or as appropriate for awards ceremony)
  • Arrange for vendors (e.g., Boat Locker, Dinghy Shop, Landfall, etc.) to be onsite


  • Activate Publicity Plan
  • Assign responsibility for regatta coverage. The JSA office requires an article and photographs to be submitted within one day of the regatta. Articles and pictures will appear in the JSA blog or newsletter. Email articles and digital photos saved in VGA-quality resolution to info@jsalis.org
  • Reach out to local news outlets in advance of the regatta to see if they would like to send someone to cover the racing or awards ceremony.
  • Post and print approved Sailing Instructions

Two Weeks Before the Event

  • Order signage, etc. (parking, registration, notice board), contact JSA office if you have not already received the JSA-provided banner, table apron, or other additional signage that will be on loan for the event
  • For multiday regattas, put signs up identifying specific locations for each visiting club
  •  Reconfirm volunteer personnel schedule
  •  Confirm adequate boat washing stations with hoses (4 per 100 boats is recommended)

 Registration Due Date

  • Process registrations
  • Provide list of sailors to be housed to Housing Chair, see JSA guidelines for sailors and parents, including penalties for not using host-provided housing or breaking curfew

 One Week Before Event

  • Set up venue (signs, etc.)
  • Confirm set-up crew for event and cleanup crew for post-event
  • Confirm receipt of prizes, trophies, t-shirts, give-aways, raffle swag, etc.
  • Confirm all water craft and radios as operational; first aid kits for safety boats
  • Prepare registration packets, consider Clean Regatta recommendations before printing SI’s
  • Meet with the PRO to review NOR and SI’s
  • Confirm Twitter feed volunteer

 One Day Before Event

  •  Set up registration stations
  •  Set up housing desk
  •  Gas up safety and coach boats
  •  Set up official notice board

First Race Day

  •  Get volunteers there early – competitors always arrive sooner than you expect
  •  Race committee/protest committee/organizing authority joint meeting
  •  Competitors meeting
  •  Communicate Twitter feed information to parents
  •  SI review
  •  Organizational announcements (food, water, notice board)
  •  Safety concerns
  •  Instructor meeting (including safety assignments)
  •  Post results on web site, preferably after each race, and also onsite at end of each day.
  •  Ensure all equipment (boats, radios, Race committee equipment) is operational at end of each day


  •  Post preliminary results as soon as possible.
  •  Finalize protest and redress adjustments as quickly as possible
  •  Keep the sailors attention by holding a post-race raffle with fun prizes at this time
  •  Awards Ceremony preparation. Set up awards table with JSA banner and club burgee in best location for awards photographs. Photograph each award recipient with JSA banner and club burgee clearly visible in the background.
  • Thank your small army of volunteers for their service!
  • Clean-up

Post Regatta

  • Email Regatta results to the JSA office (info@jsalis.org) ASAP
  • Return JSA-provided signage and promotional materials