Important links and information

COVID-19 disrupted the normal summer schedule of regattas in 2020. The JSA did not designate regattas as championship or season series events, but club hosts were encouraged to run regattas if they were able to do so in a modified format that was safe. Regatta events that were held may be viewed on the JSA calendar (scroll to year 2020). Due to the special circumstances, the suggested format for JSA events was modified in 2020.  The modified format simplified event management to facilitate safety for all participants. The JSA Pandemic Summer Regatta Playbook was a guide prepared to help a host through the planning process last summer.

The updated Playbook, and the other documents and links in this section, will assist hosts to run a successful regatta during Summer 2021.

  • Lists of Qualified Skippers for JSA 2021 championships may be viewed here
  • JSA Regatta Playbook may be downloaded here: Playbook
  • Clubspot regatta management host club administrator guides
  • JSA Regatta Templates: Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (with Race Courses) [
  • JSA Rules for Events may be downloaded here: Rules for Events
  • JSA Code of Conduct for Sailors, Parents and Support Persons: Code of Conduct
  • JSA Regatta Forms are available at these links:
    • Safety Inspection Forms for each boat class are available on the JSA Boat Class pages.
    • Liability Waiver, Medical Information and Underage & Underweight Permission forms are now incorporated in the Clubspot system.
  • Clean Regattas are an important way to educate junior sailors on the principles of protecting and preserving our waters. See SailorsForTheSea.org for information on running a Clean Regatta.
  • US Sailing Guidelines: the Playbook is tailored to the JSA schedule and Rules for Events.  For a more general set of guidelines see the US Sailing website Regatta Management.