Parents should always:

  1. Support and promote the JSA Code of Ethics and the JSA Ethics Guidelines.
  2. Place winning in the context of fun, good sportsmanship, and fair play. Emphasize performance goals rather than outcomegoals.
  3. Promote the total sport of sailing, not just racing.
  4. As spectators, remain in designated areas and manage motorboats properly.
  5. Remember that any coaching DURING a race is prohibited. (See Racing Rules of Sailing 2001-2004 Rule 41 “Outside Help”.)
  6. Show respect for race officials and regatta rules.
  7. Understand that alcohol and other illegal substances have no place at any junior sailing event.
  8. Model supportive and ethical behavior. (Young people learn more from what they observe than from what they are told.)

JSA Ethics Committee – January, 2004

  • SUPPORTING ETHICAL BEHAVIOR One of the goals of the JSA is to ...
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