We All Scream for The Centerport Ice Cream Cup!


On Friday August 2nd, Centerport Yacht Club hosted one of the most exciting kid-friendly races of the summer. This event is known around the sound as the Ice Cream Cup. Meaning, come for the sailing, stay for the free ice cream.

This year, over 110 sailors attended the regatta among the Red, Blue and White age groups, and a Green fleet for novices. The Red, Blue and White were able to get in five complete races! With our wind here on the Long Island Sound, it’s not always easy to make sure that many races happen in one day. The Green Fleeters were able to complete four races for the day on a separate course.

The day at Centerport was a pretty perfect one for a regatta with sunshine, clear skies, and a light breeze picking up throughout the day. After racing, the sailors got to enjoy an afternoon filled with ice cream (of course!) and raffle prizes. Awards were given to the top three sailors in each of the Red, Blue and White fleets and sailors in the Green fleet received a green spoon to enjoy their ice cream!

In the Red fleet the top three were, Brenden O’Connor in first place, William Gokey in second, and Caralina Volz in third, all three coming from Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club!

In the Blue fleet, first place went to Leo Robillard from Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club, second to Nicholas Meyer from Seawanhaka, and third to Eleanor Woodworth from Cold Spring Harbor.

In the White fleet, first was Harrison Gandy from Larchmont Yacht Club, second to Bodie Lanning from Seawanhaka, and third was Julia DeAngelis also from Seawanhaka. View full results at Clubspot.

Thank you to everyone who made this regatta possible, it’s truly exciting for the kids to get out there!