The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound (JSA) has selected Regatta Toolbox, a web-based regatta administration platform, as the new system for the JSA Roster Registration and Regatta Management beginning in 2018.

to register on
JSA Roster


The registration process should take about five minutes to complete if a parent has the required information at hand. If a parent had sailors registered with JSA last year, please create a new parent account and re-enter the information for each sailor on the new roster system. Parents may get help using the new system by emailing

 Have these details handy
• Emergency Contact mobile phone numbers and email addresses
• Medical Insurance
• Sail Number (if your junior sailor knows the specific boat they will sail)

Double-Check Emergency Info for Accuracy
The information you provide will be used by your Club’s Sailing Director and Regatta Hosts throughout the summer to contact you in case of an emergency. It is very important to provide accurate emergency contact details and thoroughly describe any medical conditions or allergies that your Junior Sailor may have.

Select a Registration Plan
Once you have completed the required entries, you will see a box entitled “Select a Registration Plan”. Click the box that says “Standard (1 year) ”. Then complete your free registration by clicking the blue box at the bottom that says “Register with JSA”.

Sign the Waiver
After you click the blue “Register with JSA” button, the system will automatically send an email to the address you entered entitled “JSA of LIS online waiver request”. Please open this email, and click on the blue link that says “signing the JSA waiver”. You will be asked to check three boxes to acknowledge terms of the waiver and electronically sign the waiver by clicking on the blue Sign – Your Name box at the end of the document. You will then receive a second email entitled “JSA Registration Confirmation” that to your registration is complete. Once you have electronically signed the JSA waiver, you will also receive a third email with a copy of your electronically-signed JSA waiver.

What if I don’t get the Waiver Confirmation emails?
If you do not receive the waiver and confirmation emails, that probably means you have entered an incorrect email address in the Primary Parent/Guardian section of your registration. Follow the updating entries instructions below to correct your email address. Or the email may have landed in your spam/junk email folder, so look there as well.

Updating/Changing Your Data is Easy
It is easy to update your information if it changes. Just return to this page and click on the link above. You will see a listing of your JSA registrations. Click on the entry that you would like to update, edit your information and scroll to the bottom and click the blue “Update Details” box. You do not need to sign a new waiver when you update your registration information.


To administer the sailors on your club’s roster, please follow the instructions in the JSA Program Director Roster Guide.