Discussion about Staffing Topics December 5, 2023

The JSA of LIS Program Staffing Discussion was held via Zoom video meeting during the evening of December 5, 2023, from 7:05 to 8:16 pm. The meeting had registrations from 44 people who represented 39 junior sailing programs.

The resources from the meeting may be viewed at this link.

Those meeting resources include video and audio recordings and a chat log with commentary by the JSA chairperson Tim Clark, executive director Bob Whittredge, and various junior program leaders who described their experiences with staffing topics during the open discussion among the attendees.

Discussion participants may provide feedback about the usefulness of the discussion through this short survey.

Participants from JSA member programs are also encouraged to submit their junior program’s data to the annual Program Staff and Salary Survey that provides information about hiring practices and salaries paid to your junior program staff during this summer (takes about 10 minutes to respond).