JSA LIS All Instructor Symposium 2023

The JSA of JIS All Instructor Symposium was held on June 14, 8:30-3 pm at Larchmont Yacht Club.

Sailing instructors, coaches, head instructors, sailing & program directors were invited to this one-day jump-start to help the instructing staff at all JSA programs share a collective understanding of how to run effective sailing programs.

An excellent group of presenters provided all JSA instructors with tools, tips, training and techniques to help them become better teachers, coaches and mentors to the junior sailors in your junior programs. A program chair or non-instructor leader from each JSA member club was welcome to attend for free as an observer with their staff. Breakfast and lunch were included in the $50 pp advance paid fee. 

*Featured Presenters (full agenda may be viewed here)
A sampling of the experts who presented included: Mike Ances, director of junior sailing at Larchmont Y.C.; Amy Gross-Kehoe, director of the New Bedford Y.C. Sailing School; Chris Poole, winning skipper at Long Beach Y.C.’s 2023 Congressional Cup Match Race; Jane Millman, basic sail training director at US Naval Academy; Emily Conklin, program manager at Sailors for the Sea; Marguerite Koehler Kreuzkamp, Sunfish Class Women’s North American champion; Chelsea Carlson Freas, meteorologist for the U.S. Sailing Team; Bob Adam, vice president at Zim Sailing; Alicia Martorella Poole, club manager at Cedar Point Y.C.; Doug Reynolds, sailing director at Larchmont Y.C.; Henry Millette, sailing director at Indian Harbor Y.C.; and Kevin Broome, sailing director at American Y.C.

*Videos of some featured sessions may be viewed through this link.

*Topical Sessions
The variety of topics for new and returning instructors included: Setting Sail on the Seven Cs of Student Engagement; Teach to Win?-First They Need to Learn the Game; Creating Your Leadership Philosophy; Pie & Sails is Just a Mess; Passion, Fun and a Career in the Marine Industry; Powerboat Maneuvering Skills Challenge; Translating Tacks & Jibes to the World; You Don’t Need to Call It ‘Match Racing’ to Get Them Started; Weather Safety Keeps Sailing Fun; Empowering the Next Generation to Protect Ocean Health; More Things You Don’t Know About an Optimist; Communication and Keeping Sailors on the Same Page; Get Your Kids to the Windward Mark; Boat Specific Advice, Coaching, & Upgrades; Coaching Singlehanded Athletes; Teaching Beginners on Keelboats; Turning Intermediates Into Racers; Foiling Is Coming; Teaching Skills Through Team Racing; Roundtable and Meet Up with Q & A.