2015 Season High Point and Jr. Big Boat Awards


The JSA of LIS held its Annual General Membership Meeting at Larchmont Yacht Club on October 21. The first item on the agenda was the awarding of trophies for season performance based on high point scores at specified qualifier events, which in 2015 were the Eastern or Western District Regattas, Larchmont Junior Race Week and JSA Race Week.

The awardees and their high point percentage of perfection are:

Clinton M. Bell Trophy for junior open events winner in any class and Thomas W. Fowler, Jr. Trophy for junior doublehanded open events winner in Club 420: Julia Reynolds (skipper) & Hobi Lew (crew) Pequot YC 97.863%. Julia and Hobi join a select group of sailors who have won these awards in two consecutive years.

Christopher Goodyear Neff Trophy for junior open events runner-up in any class with high score in Laser Radial Nicholas Chisari Sea Cliff YC 97.005%

Junior Singlehanded Open Events Laser Radial Runner-Up: Lindsay Powers American YC 94.010%

Junior Doublehanded Open Events Runner-up in Club 420: Cameron Nash (skipper) and Brooke McGoldrick (crew) Pequot YC 92.913%

Junior Singlehanded Open Events Laser Standard High Score: Richard O’Leary American YC 90.541%

Timothy Sinclair Memorial Trophy for Pixel open events winner: Devin Hart (skipper) & Madeline Dwyer (crew) Noroton YC 90.826%

The awards for junior big boat sailing events held in August were also presented:

Warren G. Dellenbaugh Junior Navigation Trophy: Jake Schinto Riverside YC 106%, with extra credit
Junior Navigation Runner-Ups: Peter Sauer Cedar Point YC and Kyle May WaterFront Center, each with 94%

Marlinspike Seamanship Contest Trophy
1. Emery Wallace Cedar Point YC
2. Connor Thompson Larchmont YC
3. Corey Sabia Norwalk YC

Junior Big Boat Sailing Regatta presented by Black Rock YC
1. Noroton YC High Noon
2. Cedar Point YC Cabady
3. Cedar Point YC Expresso

Dorade Trophy Regatta presented by Stamford YC
J105 Division
1. Centerport YC Trifecta (and Overall prize)
2. American YC Echo
3. Black Rock YC Playstation

PHRF Division
1. Riverside YC Finale
2. Noroton YC High Noon
3. Pequot YC Libertas

Everett B. Morris Memorial Trophy for the Beach Point Yacht Club Overnight Race
Division A
1. Riverside YC Finale (and Overall prize)
2. Noroton YC High Noon
3. Cedar Point YC Expresso

Division B:
1. Black Rock YC Playstation
2. Centerport YC Trifecta
3. American YC Young American
Awards for the Twilight Keel Boat Regatta hosted by Port Washington Jr YC had been earlier presented

1. WaterFront Center Inevitable
2. Port Washington YC War Horse
3. Larchmont YC Privateer