Cheer for Your US Olympic Sailing Team

With the Olympics under a week away, it feels like something is still missing. Olympic sailing has seen major coverage over the past two years, but not for the sailing itself. Coverage surrounds the conditions of Guanabara Bay where the sailing events will be held. Short snippets of the US Sailing Team are often shown on major morning news channels or online, however the focus is always on the poor conditions of the Bay. Is sailing not interesting enough? Of course we know it is, as Dave Ullman puts it in his article Cheer Loud and Be Proud, it’s up to us sailors to show support for our team at the Olympics. Broadcasting of sailing has improved a lot over the last five years, with graphics and other techniques to allow uninformed audiences to enjoy the sport. These advances only make the sport more exciting to watch for the sailing community. Junior sailors can use these broadcasts as training tools, even though the boats are different; the concepts are still the same. Not only is it a training tool but watching the games is also the pinnacle of dinghy sailing, maybe watching the US Sailing Team will inspire you to pursue a campaign later in life. JSA agrees with what Ullman says, “cheer loud and be proud”.


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