2016 Pixel Champs and Alternate Regattas at Noroton YC August 8

Noroton Yacht Club is hosting both 2016 Pixel Champs and the Pixel Alternate Regatta on Monday, August 8th. They’d like to create the best Pixel Regatta of the year, with many boats participating.

Pixel Champs is open to all qualified skippers on the list at the JSA website. In addition, Pixel skippers may be eligible in two other ways:
• If no representative from your junior program qualifies for the JSA championship in the Pixel boat class, your program may enter one representative for that class who must have participated in at least one qualifying event for the Pixel class championship
• Pixel skippers at your junior program also may qualify if they have competed in at least three Pixel qualifying regattas, regardless of their finish position
This means your sailors have two additional ways to qualify for Pixel Champs, so encourage them to register for Champs. You can review these two methods at https://jsalis.org/qualifying-2016-jsa-champs

Pixel Alternate Regatta: Pixel sailors who do not qualify for Champs have a new way to stay in the action: The Pixel Alternate Regatta. Many new Pixel sailors are only now getting the idea of sailing fast in their first partner boat. The Pixel Alternate Regatta is the place for them to show off their skills and test themselves against sailors from all around Long Island Sound. The NOR and SI for The Pixel Alternate Regatta are the same as for Champs. We’ll be combining starts, but scoring separately, for excitement and trophies.

2016 Pixel Champs and The Pixel Alternate Regatta are on Monday August 8th. Registration is from 0730 to 0930. Boats can be delivered on Sunday evening.

Don’t let your sailors miss out on this exciting event! The signup deadline has been extended, with no “late” fees.