Review of Safety Training and Operations at Junior Sailing Programs

The JSA of LIS is seeking to collect information from our member programs on their existing safety training and operational practices, and what enhancements may be planned for 2018. As information is gathered, it will be formatted to ensure anonymity and will be posted on the JSA website for all its members to review. After the replies are compiled, the JSA will prepare a summary of best practices to be shared with our member programs.

To start the review, please think about the questions below, then email your reply to the JSA office:
– What kinds of safety policies and checklists do you currently have for your junior sailing program? Attach sample documents, if available.
– What actions did your program take to review or improve safety during summer 2017? What enhancements are being planned for summer 2018?
– What is your program’s experience with propeller guards? If currently installed, what influenced that decision?
– What type of certification or training does your program require or provide for its powerboat operators?

Thanks for taking the time to think about these things, which may help all JSA of LIS member programs to effectively manage risk.