JSA of LIS Summer 2021 Media Editor

Hello all, my name is Mia Solomon. I am very excited to be part of the JSA of LIS community as the summer media editor. For the next two months, I will be helping to run the JSA website (www.jsalis.org), as well as the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@JSAofLIS). I’d like to feature the events and activities from each of JSA’s member sailing programs throughout the summer. You can work with me to highlight what makes each of your programs unique.

The JSA wants to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and featured on all of our platforms. I call on each of you to help me get a well-rounded representation of your junior sailing programs. I encourage all forms of creativity, whether it be an idea for an article or post, or sending in pictures or videos with a brief description to my email news@jsalis.org. This will allow me to create content about your sailing program, and provide editorial guidance as needed.

I am a recent graduate of Iona College in New Rochelle NY with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. I’m new to the sailing world but passionate about creating content that tells a story. I run a small online business that promotes reducing our carbon footprint in the textile industry. I plan on channeling my goal from my small business during my time as the media editor for the JSA of LIS. I want to use my degree to spread a positive message and create a community of like-minded people.