JSA of LIS 2021 Annual Meeting Summary

Awards during JSA annual Meeting

Awards for the 2021 Junior Overnight Race were presented at the meeting by Andrew Berdon,
principal race officer and past commodore of Beach Point Yacht Club.

The JSA of LIS Annual General Membership Meeting was held in-person at Larchmont Yacht Club and via simultaneous Zoom video during the evening of October 27, 2021.

The meeting had 117 persons registered from these groups: 52 program leaders, 12 JSA board members, and 53 awardees and parents (70 of the total attended in-person at Larchmont YC and 47 attended via Zoom).

The resources from the meeting may be viewed at this link. The resources include the video and audio recordings, commentary by the JSA co-chairs Janet Grapengeter and Alex Helfand, the notice and slate of elected JSA board officers and members, and the list of the awards that were presented.

This was the annual meeting for the representatives of JSA member junior sailing programs, who gathered to discuss summer 2021 and plans for 2022.

  • Following the welcome by JSA co-chair Janet Grapengeter at Larchmont Yacht Club, the slate of JSA officers and new board members was elected. Awards were then presented for special recognition, season series high point, and big boat regattas. 
  • JSA co-chair Alex Helfand provided his comments about summer 2021 via Zoom. He discussed overall increased enrollment at member junior programs, excellent participation at regattas, and strong financial position of the JSA. Alex also announced a strategic review that will be conducted soon to identify new value creating opportunities for the JSA and assess the foundations on which the JSA is built. Each JSA member program will be asked for input about what they have looked for from the JSA in the past, and what other services and events they would like the JSA to provide in the future.
  • The attendees, in-person and on Zoom, then engaged in a wide ranging discussion of topics that are listed and may be heard in the recording through the meeting resources link above.
  • Departing board members were recognized for their tenure, including Sheelagh Thomson who served 4 yrs, and Talal Debs & Peg Jackson who each served 3 yrs.
  • JSA co-chair Janet Grapengeter closed the meeting with a request for regatta hosts to indicate the events they wish to schedule in 2022, by using this request sheet to help JSA avoid date conflicts. Each prospective host for a JSA championship is also requested to submit this form with additional information about its intent to bid for champs.
  • All JSA member programs, please update this list with your expected summer program start and end dates to help regattas be scheduled when the greatest number of junior programs are active.