JSA LIS Spring Meeting 2023

The Spring General Meeting of JSA member programs was held virtually during the evening of May 31, from 7:30 – 8:55 PM. Approximately 25 people attended the meeting on Zoom. We hope that many more may be able to benefit by viewing this archive of the workshop resources, including the agenda, the recorded video, and the presentation slides

Representatives from the JSA member junior sailing programs were invited to attend this general membership meeting to discuss the summer initiatives and events. Junior committee members, program directors and head instructors, event organizers, and others interested in junior sailing were all welcomed. During the open portion of the meeting, participants were able to ask questions, and exchange views about current trends in junior programs.

The member program representatives in attendance voted to a) elect the nominating committee that selects JSA board candidates for election at the annual meeting, and b) approve an amendment to the Bylaws confirming the Executive Director is an officer of the JSA. The text of the bylaw amendment may be viewed in the meeting agenda

If you wish to view the types of topics discussed at prior JSA membership meetings, please see the resources from the 2022 Spring Meeting.