2017 Malcolm McIntyre Team Race at SUNY Maritime

All three days of the McIntyre Team Race were a great success. Wind was cooperative at SUNY Maritime allowing for a total of 135 races to be held. A huge thank you to Rob Crafa, Maritime Waterfront Director, for allowing the use of the facility.

A total of 12 teams showed up to the event for the second year in a row. Lead coaches Brian Clancy (Cornell University), Amanda Callahan (Roger Williams University), and Chris Klevan (US Coast Guard Academy) led the event. Coaches from the team clubs were very helpful throughout the event, making it a great success.

We started off with two random groups of six teams to seed into a gold and silver round. In the initial round, each win was worth 1 point. Subsequent Gold rounds were worth 1.7 points, and wins in the Silver were worth 1 point. After each round of Gold and Silver, the teams were reseeded based on their point total. We were able to complete 3 rounds of Gold and 3 rounds of Silver before a final Gold Round to determine the champion. Leading after day two was Riverside 1 and they held onto that lead with a 4-1 record in the final round. Sailing well on Wednesday and making a push for the win was Orient 1 who went 5-0 in the final Gold round, taking second place, just one win short Riverside 1. In third place was Riverside 2. Full results are available on the JSA website. And more pictures are available here [URL] .

The racing was tight throughout the three days, but much improved on the final day, with lead changes throughout and races won in the final moments. It was exciting racing!

Contributed by Brian Clancy, Head Coach Cornell Sailing Team