Hello from the JibeTalk Editor

Hello JSA of LIS Community! My name is Jack Belisle and I am this year’s summer sailing editor for the JibeTalk blog.


I’m a rising senior at Mamaroneck High School and I’ve been sailing for eight years at Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club in Larchmont, New York. Last summer, I was a Junior Instructor at Horseshoe, and this summer, I’m really looking forward to writing and reporting for the JSA.

I’ve worked with the JSA before. Back in the summer of 2012, I made a video report covering the 2012 Olympic Sailing team send-off at LYC. The JSA took notice and gave me a chance to cover the Blue Jay & Pixel Race Week regatta at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club later that summer.

Over the next two school years, I was in a News Production class, practicing writing and reporting techniques. This summer I’ll be out on the water covering as many JSA events as I can.

Online social media is constantly evolving, so we may be experimenting with different forms of communication – be it a JSA Instagram presence, video reports and interviews, or communicating more via our Facebook page. PhotoThat being said, we’d love your input – pictures, videos, stories, advice, or anything else – to assist making a great online community and resource for junior sailing in the area. We are hoping everyone – sailors, parents, instructors and program directors – has a story to tell and a resource to share, so do contact me at news@jsalis.org.

In the meantime, be sure to like us on Facebook. When I publish a story on JibeTalk, I will also update the JSA Facebook page, so you’ll be alerted if you are a fan of JSA.

I hope you have a wonderful sailing season and I look forward to hearing your stories!

Jack Belisle