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  • JSA of LIS All Instructor Symposium, June 22

    JSA All Instructor Symposium Wednesday, June 22 0830 to 1500 Larchmont Yacht Club, 1 Woodbine Ave, Larchmont NY 10538 Level 1 is Not Enough Training! Send your entire staff to this one-day jump-start. Each presentation is filled with practical, hands-on curriculum ideas. We have an excellent group of ... read more »
  • World Sailing No Longer Accepting Digital-8

    Important Message from World Sailing:   World Sailing has recently announced that Digital-8 lettering and numbering will No longer be accepted in competition. All digital-8 numbers are legible one by one however when applied to both sides of the sail becomes confusing for race committee to ... read more »
  • NYAC Sea Pups Program

    You’re eight years old, standing completely frozen; watching as your instructor slowly guides your new Opti into the water. As the Opti floats calmly waiting for you to get in… your unused gloves quiver, a tear wells up behind the perfectly polarized sunglasses. But nothing seems worse than getting in that ... read more »
  • Big Boat Sailing Advice

    Growing up in the cocoon of junior programs, big boat sailing is rarely on our minds. We focus so hard on the technicalities of the boat we’ve been placed in that often our sailing becomes incredibly one-dimensional. Speaking from the perspective of a sailor who came from a non-sailor family I certainly did ... read more »
  • Head Instructor Workshop Report

    On June 16th, head instructors from over twenty JSA programs came to Larchmont Yacht Club for a series of lectures and group discussions on how to navigate the role of head instructor. For some, this was an introduction, while veterans of the position returned for a refresher. The workshop began with a ... read more »
  • JSA of LIS Head Instructor Workshop, June 16

    Head instructors and junior program directors are invited to attend this workshop designed specifically for them. Program chairs are also welcome, along with those on the path to becoming a head instructor or program director. Registration details are available at this link. We will focus on getting ... read more »
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