Revision to Rules for JSA Events for 2023

Winners of JSA 2017 Club 420 Champs pose at Shelter Island YC

The JSA Regatta Committee believes that awarding Season Series Trophies will benefit from a simpler calculation method, and JSA Championship Events will benefit from increased participation in certain boat classes. Therefore, these changes to the Rules for JSA Events were approved for 2023 by a vote of the JSA Board of Directors.

Season Series Trophies:

  • The scoring calculation for determining the winners of season series trophies, such as the Clinton Bell Trophy, has been changed to a low point system from the current high point system. This revised method is expected to be easier for competitors to understand because it will be similar to the scoring used for a series of races in a regatta.
  • Registration for the 2023 season series trophies will assure each helmsperson, or helmsperson and crew pair understand the revised low-point calculation method and the other procedures for determining winners of season series trophies that are described in the Rules for JSA Events. 
  • Helmspersons who wish to compete for the season series trophies must register by end of August 1, 2023 August 18, 2023, via the Jotform at this link, which includes Appendix H to the Rules for JSA Events.

Qualifying for certain  boat class JSA championships:

  • Club 420 and the ILCA6(Radial) class qualifying percentage has been increased from 40% to 50% of each fleet competing at a designated qualifying event (see Rule 4.1.1)
  • Optimist Blue Fleet age group qualifying percentage has been increased from 30% to 50% of that age group competing at a designated qualifying event. (see Rule 4.1.4)
  • Other boat classes remain unchanged.
  • A summary of the revised qualifying methods and a description of the qualifying events may be viewed here, together with a list of skippers who have qualified at recent regattas.

The complete revised Rules for JSA Events, published July 10, 2023, may be viewed on the JSA Regatta Management page, or via this direct link.