Season Series Trophies:

  • Helmspersons who wish to compete for the season series trophies must register via this Jotform link by end of August 1, 2023 August 18, 2023,
  • The scoring calculation for determining the winners of the 2023 season series trophies, such as the Clinton Bell Trophy, has been changed to a low point system from the previous high point system. This revised method is expected to be easier for competitors to understand because it will be similar to the scoring used for a series of races in a regatta. The details may be read in the Rules for JSA Events Appendix H that is copied below.
  • Registration for the 2023 season series trophies will assure each helmsperson, or helmsperson and crew pair, understand the revised low-point calculation method that was announced in early July and the other procedures for determining winners of the 2023 season series trophies.


APPENDIX H – SEASON TROPHIES (copied from Rules for JSA Events 2023)

Season Trophies are awarded for best finishes at JSA events (scored using low point system):
-The Clinton M. Bell Trophy for ILCA 7, ILCA 6 or Club 420
-The Christopher Goodyear Neff Trophy for runner-up in ILCA 7, ILCA 6 or Club 420.
-The Thomas W. Fowler, Jr. Trophy for double handed events (Club 420s)
-The Ryan J. Weiss Memorial Trophy for RS Feva events
-The Optimist season trophy for Optimist events
-The O’pen Skiff season trophy for O’pen Skiff events


The Qualifying Events for each JSA Season Trophy are the four championship qualifier regattas for the boat class that are designated in the Rules for JSA Events.


A helmsperson, or a helmsperson and crew pair, must be Junior Sailor Members of the JSA, be associated with a Member Program, and participate in 75% of the boat class Qualifying Events in order to qualify for the Season Trophies. For any boat class to qualify for scoring in competition for perpetual Season Trophies there must be at least 10 starters for that class in more than 50% of the races sailed. Sailors may qualify as co-skippers for Season Trophies only if they sail together in all their qualifying events as co-skippers.


A helmsperson or crew may compete for the Clinton Bell and Goodyear Neff trophies by sailing in two different classes in qualifying events. The sailor must notify the JSA office prior to a qualifying event if they will be sailing in a class other than their regular class. Regular class is defined as the class in which they entered the first qualifying event. A sailor may sail the events in one of the following combinations: ILCA 7 and Club 420, or ILCA 6 and Club 420. A sailor may not switch between the two ILCA classes.


For the purpose of awarding season trophies, the series will be scored on a low point system using the overall regatta position in the competitor’s best three out of four boat class Qualifying Events. In case of a tie, the competitor who has won the greatest number of first place regattas shall be awarded the place tied for and the other competitor the next succeeding place. If the tied competitors have an equal number of firsts, then seconds, thirds, etc., they shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last Qualifying Event. No special race, in which all participants are not allowed to participate, will be used in computing scores for the Qualifying Events.


Annually, the JSA may specify a date by which competitors must register to be entered in the Season Trophy Series to assure each helmsperson, or each helmsperson and crew pair, acknowledge the above conditions for the series (note: for 2023 that date is Aug 18)


No competitor who has been penalized for a breach of Racing Rule 2 (Fair Sailing) or warned or penalized for a breach of Racing Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) shall be eligible to compete in any JSA championship event or receive any JSA season trophy during the calendar year of said breach.