JSA’s McIntyre Team Race Next Week

Sail in the McIntyre Team Race!

Whether you are a veteran team racer or new to team racing, the McIntyre Trophy Team Race clinegatta is the perfect event for you to kick off the summer racing season.

The clinegatta takes place at SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx, New York on July 6 to 8, Monday to Wednesday.

Part of the time includes a clinic to enhance your team racing skills. The rest is devoted to intense racing on the East River.

If you want to go, be sure to ask your club to make arrangements for its team of six sailors by end of Friday, July 3. The NOR is available here.

If your club has enough sailors for more than one team, you may be able register two teams. Or, if your club does not have six sailors for a team, you may combine sailors from your club and another club to form one team.

The coaching team of three top-notch college coaches is a great reason to attend. Brian Clancy, head coach at Cornell University will lead the clinegatta, along with John Pearce from George Washington University and Chris Klevan from the US Coast Guard Academy. Biographies of these coaches may be read here.

All you need to bring is your personal sailing gear and lunch; SUNY Maritime provides equipment and 420 boats, and your club provides a coach with a support boat.

Do you want to compete in the McIntyre Team Race Championship? Talk with your head instructor and have your team registered by July 3. Or email to JSA office info@jsalis.org to see if we can help match you in combined teams of six sailors from various clubs.

We’ll see you at SUNY Maritime on July 6.