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  • Level 1 In-Person Sessions

    JSA member programs are supporting instructor candidates who need to complete their Level 1 certification during an in-person evaluation session

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  • Call for Volunteers

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  • McIntyre Team Race

    Youth teams in JSA’s Malcolm McIntyre Team Race benefit from the boats and waterfront services provided by SUNY Maritime College

  • JSA Race Week at Cedar Point YC

    Lasers and Club 420s competed for two days at Cedar Point YC in 2019

  • Law Trophy Regatta

    The Law Trophy Regatta invited top performers in the Club 420, Laser and Feva classes for a two day competition at Indian Harbor Yacht Club in 2019

  • JSA All-Instructor Symposium

    Over 200 sailing instructors received tools, tips, training and techniques at Larchmont Yacht Club in 2019


  • JSA Performance Clinic

    The JSA’s Performance Clinic for Club 420s, RS Fevas and Lasers (Standard and Radial) was held at Stamford Yacht Club for two days in June 2019

  • JSA of LIS Optimist Championships

    Chief judge Dave Perry observed Opti sailors demonstrating how many turns they will do if taking a penalty during a JSA Optimist Championship hosted by Cedar Point Yacht Club

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    • Jibe Talk

      June 18, 2022 | by

      JSA LIS Preseason Clinic 2022

      Sailors enhanced their skills during a prior clinic The JSA of LIS Preseason Clinic for Club 420s, Fevas and ILCAs (Lasers, all rigs) will be held at Stamford ... read more »

      June 16, 2022 | by

      JSA LIS All Instructor Symposium 2022

      Over 160 instructors and program leaders attended this one-day jump-start on June 15, 2022, at Larchmont Yacht Club that resumed the in-person format to ... read more »

      Room view at 2022 Head Instructor Workshop
      June 9, 2022 | by

      JSA LIS Head Instructor Workshop 2022

      The 2022 Head Instructor Workshop that was held on Thursday June 9, 2022, at Larchmont Yacht Club resumed the in-person format to enhance the exchange of ... read more »

      JSA Spring Meeting Audience
      June 6, 2022 | by

      JSA LIS Spring Meeting 2022

      Unlike a past year in-person meeting pictured above, the Spring General Meeting of JSA member programs was held virtually during the evening of June 6, 2022, ... read more »

      JSA Event Management Meeting 2019
      May 24, 2022 | by

      JSA LIS Event Management Workshop 2022

      Unlike a prior year edition displayed above, the 2022 JSA of LIS Event Management Workshop was held online via Zoom on May 24 from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Regatta ... read more »

      Level 1 Evaluation Session
      April 4, 2022 | by

      US Sailing Level 1 In-Person Session Hosts

      The JSA of LIS is reaching out to Junior Sailing Program leaders to ask for mutual assistance to ensure that your program, and other sailing programs offered ... read more »

      Meeting attendees discuss junior programming during a break
      March 2, 2022 | by

      JSA of LIS Midwinter Meeting March 5, 2022

      JSA’s Midwinter Meeting on Saturday March 5 at the Larchmont Yacht Club is your opportunity to exchange junior sailing program management ideas. Remote ... read more »

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      Thu, Jun 23 2022
      U.S. Youth Sailing Championship
      Sat, Jun 25 2022
      JSA Preseason Clinic - C420/Feva/ILCA(Laser) - STAM
      Mon, Jun 27 2022
      Law Trophy Regatta - IHYC - C420/ILCA(Laser all rigs)/Feva
      Tue, Jun 28 2022
      Club 420 NE Championship - MA
      Thu, Jun 30 2022
      Eastern Districts - NORO - Club 420
      Eastern Districts - NORW - ILCA(Laser) and Feva
      ILCA North American Championships - ON
      Western Districts - SCLF- ILCA(Laser)/C420/Feva
      Fri, Jul 1 2022
      Level 1 Instructor Course - online ten days
      Sun, Jul 3 2022
      Preliminary schedule, so re-check periodically online to confirm final details
      Mon, Jul 4 2022
      Independence Day
      Tue, Jul 5 2022
      US Sailing Area B Champs - Sonar - WFC