March 4, 2024

Safe Powerboat Handling Instructor Training Course - Bronx NY

Waterfront Office, SUNY Maritime College
waterfront@sunymaritime.edu or 718-409-2447

SUNY Maritime College, three days starting March 4th.

Read course details at US Powerboating URL above. Register for this course not later than Friday February 23 at the same URL, see bottom of that page.

The Powerboat Instructor training course is an ideal opportunity for a club that wants to train its waterfront staff or a member volunteer to offer powerboat courses to the club’s families, junior sailing program participants, sailing instructors, race committee support volunteers, and neighbors in its community. Upon graduation, the newly certified powerboat instructor may teach Safe Powerboat Handling courses.

Note: Completion of the Safe Powerboat Handling student course is a prerequisite for this instructor course. (A one day Accelerated SPH course is available on Feb 29 at SUNY Maritime.) 


March 8, 2024

Zim Sailing Regional Roundtable - Stamford CT

David Neely, JSA Board
Zim Mid-Atlantic Roundtable Flyer two page borders.pdf

Zim Sailing Regional Roundtables, March 8 and 9, hosted at Stamford Yacht Club

A "Competitive Sailing” focus is expected on March 8 and a “Recreational/Learn to Sail” focus on March 9. Each day will be a separate event designed to bring together sailing community and industry leaders from the entire mid-Atlantic region to discuss, share insights, and collaborate on various aspects of the sport.  

Zim Sailing and JSA of LIS are open to suggestions for topics within the “Competitive” and “Recreational/Learn to Sail” daily sessions. Please send your suggestions to Dave Neely using the above contact info.

Read more information in this press release and register through the Additional Info link above.


March 9, 2024

Safe Powerboat Handling Courses - Bronx NY

SUNY Maritime Waterfront Office

Powerboat Certification Courses in 2024 at SUNY Maritime College, Bronx NY, are open for registration.

Use the Additional Info link above to view information and register for any of these upcoming courses:
  • Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling (one day, requires a valid state boating safety certificate): on 2/29, 5/11, 6/15 and 9/28 in 2024.
  • Safe Powerboat Handling (two days, includes training for NY State Boating Safety Certificate): starts on  3/16, 4/6, 5/4, 6/8 and 9/14 in 2024
  • Safe Powerboat Handling + USCG Launch Tender/Limited Master (two days, includes training for NY State Boating Safety Certificate and USCG Launch license): starts on 3/9, 4/13, 5/4, 6/1 and 10/5 in 2024  


March 15, 2024

NESS Certified Educator Course - Stonington CT

office@nessf.org 860-535-9362

New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS), Stonington CT, is working with sailing organizations looking to expand their student reach with training and resources. 

Join NESS to gain a solid understanding of experiential learning through the NESS Certified Educator Course, tailored specifically to coaches, instructors, and directors of youth sailing organizations  The next course will be held free of charge at the NESS campus in Stonington, CT, on Friday, March 15. 

Register at the Additional Information link above.


March 16, 2024

US Sailing Race Management Seminars - various sites

US Sailing Race Management Seminars in the Long Island Sound region:

Basic for new race officer candidates (one day):
- March 16, 2024 at Indian Harbor YC, Greenwich CT
- April 13, 2024 at Bellport Bay YC, Bellport NY

Advanced for previously certified race officers (two days):
- March 23, 2024 at Larchmont Yacht Club

View details of each course and register through the Additional Information link above.


March 22, 2024

Reach STEM Educator Course - online

The Online Reach (STEM) Educator course prepares you to teach STEM concepts using sailing as a learning platform. Over the course of 10 days you will participate in live webinars, engage in meaningful discussion groups, and view Reach in action through videos from events, student sessions and more! Don't miss the opportunity to expand your skill set and start using Reach at your sailing program.

US Sailing is now running all Reach STEM Educator Courses online. The online course is spread over 10 days (Friday Day 1 through Sunday Day 10). The course consists of two 40 minute live webinars on Day 2 & Day 3 and then module presentations on Day 9. The other days are self paced and consist of video content, group discussion and posts and quizzes. Students should expect to spend 8-10 hours of course work over the 10 days.

The Reach STEM Educator Course includes professional development/training, materials, and copies of the 132 page Reach Educator Guide for Middle School Modules 1-10 (retail $59.95) and Reach Student Logbook and Portfolio (retail $8.00). Upon completion attendees will receive a US Sailing STEM Educator Course certificate and formal educators will receive a certificate for professional development hours.


March 30, 2024

RS Fest Miami - Feva

Andi Hoffman, Coconut Grove Sailing Club
CGSCRace@gmail.com 305.978.6051
Boat Class

RS Fest Miami is the first ever major multi-class RS Sailing event in North America. Racing for the regatta will be held Saturday March 30th to Monday April 1st, with more potential activities in the days leading up to the event.

The three-day regatta is a celebration of five RS Sailing fleets. The RS Aero, RS Tera, RS Feva, RS Venture and RS21 classes are invited to join the flagship event for a long weekend of exciting racing. There will also be an Open RS Class for boats of all shapes and sizes that want to come along and join in the fun. In true RS Sailing style, the social events off the water promise to be as fun as the racing itself!

View more information and register through the Additional Info link above.


April 6, 2024

Safe Powerboat Handling Courses - Sag Harbor NY

Addie Hale

Powerboat Certification Courses in 2024 at the Breakwater Yacht Club, Sag Harbor, NY.

Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling Course (one day, requires a valid state boating safety certificate) on three Saturdays: April 6, May 18, and June 8, 2024.

- Sean Elliott is the US Powerboating Certified Powerboat Instructor for this site.
- Registration is by email to the Contact Info above.
- View course details in the PDF attached.


April 13, 2024

Level 1 Instructor In-Person Course Schedule

Youth Department, US Sailing

View the three-day course description at the Additional Info link above, including available dates throughout the USA that extend into future months.

As of mid-February, these Level 1 courses are scheduled in the western Long Island Sound region and nearby:

4/13/2024   -   4/15/2024  Oyster Bay NY (waitlist)
4/20/2024   -   4/22/2024  Westport CT (waitlist)
5/04/2024   -   5/06/2024  Westport CT
5/10/2024   -   5/12/2024  Bronx NY (waitlist)
5/11/2024   -   5/13/2024  Westport CT
5/18/2024   -   5/20/2024  Westport CT (waitlist)
5/25/2024   -   6/27/2024  Centerport NY (waitlist)
5/28/2024   -   5/30/2024  Westport CT
6/04/2024   -   6/06/2024  Westport CT
6/07/2024   -   6/09/2024  Kingston NY 
6/11/2024   -   6/13/2024  Westport CT
6/15/2024   -   6/17/2024  Center Moriches NY
6/28/2024   -   6/30/2024  Remsenburg NY

Dates at other course sites may be available. See all sites in the USA at the Additional Info link above.

Sites in Long Island Sound typically appear in the spring, early and late summer, and fall and may be seen through the Additional Info link above). In the late fall and winter, the in-person courses are given only at warm venues. If an upcoming course date does not appear on the above link, that course is sold out. Contact US Sailing at the above email with any questions.

The US Sailing Level 1 Instructor course is divided into two sections: 

- A 3-day in-person section of the Level 1 course is approximately 30 hours and students will be evaluated on their teaching ability, sailing skills, powerboat handling skills and on-water class management, among other topics.

- A self-guided online introduction section of Level 1. The self-guided section allows participants to learn at their own pace and includes no scheduled interaction with an Instructor Trainer. This online course must be completed prior to attendance at the 3-day in-person section. US Sailing recommends that the in-person section is attended within three months of the online course completion for maximum retention and successful completion.


April 18, 2024

USODA Team Trials - CA

Boat Class

May 5, 2024

Preliminary schedule may be adjusted for date overlaps or spread events evenly


May 18, 2024

USODA Atlantic Coast Team Race Championship - LYC

Boat Class