March 31, 2023

Reach STEM Educator Course - online

View details and register for the course starting January 20 or March 31 through the Additional Info link above.

The Online Reach (STEM) Educator course prepares you to teach STEM concepts using sailing as a learning platform. Over the course of 10 days you will participate in live webinars, engage in meaningful discussion groups, and view Reach in action through videos from events, student sessions and more! Don't miss the opportunity to expand your skill set and start using Reach at your sailing program.

US Sailing is now running all Reach STEM Educator Courses online. The online course is spread over 10 days (Friday Day 1 through Sunday Day 10). The course consists of two 40 minute live webinars on Day 2 & Day 3 and then module presentations on Day 9. The other days are self paced and consist of video content, group discussion and posts and quizzes. Students should expect to spend 8-10 hours of course work over the 10 days.

The Reach STEM Educator Course is $150 and includes professional development/training, materials, and copies of the 132 page Reach Educator Guide for Middle School Modules 1-10 (retail $59.95) and Reach Student Logbook and Portfolio (retail $8.00). Upon completion attendees will receive a US Sailing STEM Educator Course certificate and formal educators will receive a certificate for professional development hours.


April 1, 2023

Safe Powerboat Handling Courses - SUNY Maritime

SUNY Waterfront Office

Powerboat Certification Courses in 2023 at SUNY Maritime are now open for registration.

Use the Additional Info link above to view information and register for these courses
  • Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling (one day, requires a valid state boating safety certificate): 5/21, 6/17 and 9/16 in 2023
  • Safe Powerboat Handling (two days, includes training for NY State Boating Safety Certificate): 3/11-12, 4/1-2, 5/6-7, 6/3-4, and 9/23-24 in 2023
  • Safe Powerboat Handling + USCG Launch Tender/Limited Master (two days, includes training for NY State Boating Safety Certificate and USCG Launch license): 3/4-5, 4/22-23, 5/13-14, 6/10-11, and 10/14-15 in 2023
  • Boat Handling Practice Day (one day of practice, requires a valid state boating safety certificate): 6/18.2023


US Sailing Race Management Seminars - various sites

US Sailing Race Management Seminars in western Long Island Sound region:

Basic for new race officer candidates (one day):
- March 18, 2023 at Larchmont Yacht Club, Larchmont NY
- April 1, 2023 at American Yacht Club, Rye NY

Advanced for certified race officers (two days):
- April 1 and 2 at Oakcliff Sailing, Oyster Bay, NY

View details of each course and register through the Additional Information link above.


April 2, 2023

Level 1 Instructor In-Person Evaluation Information

Youth Department, US Sailing

View the full course description at the Additional Info link above, including available dates that extend into future months.

Sites in Long Island Sound typically appear in the spring, early and late summer, and fall and may be seen through the Additional Info link above). In the late fall and winter, the in-person courses are given only at warm venues. If an upcoming course date does not appear on the above link, that course is sold out. Contact US Sailing at the above email with any questions.

The US Sailing Level 1 Instructor course is divided into two sections that have been revised for 2023: 

- A 3-day in-person section of the Level 1 course is approximately 30 hours and students will be evaluated on their teaching ability, sailing skills, powerboat handling skills and on-water class management, among other topics.

- A self-guided online introduction section of Level 1. The self-guided section allows participants to learn at their own pace and includes no scheduled interaction with an Instructor Trainer. This online course must be completed prior to attendance at the 3-day in-person section. US Sailing recommends that the in-person section is attended within three months of the online course completion for maximum retention and successful completion.


April 10, 2023

Race Admin Bootcamp - Oakcliff

Patrice Gallo Rachlin

Oakcliff Sailing Center, Oyster Bay NY

This seven-day program starting April 10 is a fully immersive session cramming years of experience into one week of training, from NOR to catering, from scoring to housing.

View details and register through the Additional Info link above.



April 14, 2023

Powerboat Instructor Training Course - SUNY Maritime 3 days

SUNY Maritime Waterfront Center

SUNY Maritime College 3 days starting Friday

Register at US Powerboating URL above.

There is a seemingly endless need for hands-on powerboat instruction and a limited supply of certified instructors. If you know of anyone who may like to become a US Sailing/US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Instructor, please have them check out this course.

The Powerboat Instructor training course at SUNY Maritime is an ideal opportunity for a club that wants to train its waterfront staff or a member volunteer to offer powerboat courses to the club’s families, junior sailing program participants, sailing instructors and neighbors in its community. 

In this intensive 3-day course for advanced powerboat operators who will operate boats 26 feet and under, instructor candidates will learn the fundamentals of on-the-water instruction. Candidates must successfully demonstrate superior presentation, teaching, and powerboat operation skills in order to complete this course. Upon graduation, instructors will be eligible to teach Safe Powerboat Handling courses. This is a rigorous course. 

One of the prerequisites for this Instructor course is prior completion of the student-level Safe Powerboat Handling course, either the Accelerated 1 day version or the regular 2-day version (which is available March 11-12 and April 1-2 at SUNY).


April 21, 2023

Level 3 Sailing Program Management Course - online ten days

Register at the Additional Info link above.

  • The instructor at the ten-day course starting April 21 is Jane Millman, Basic Sail Training Director at US Naval Academy. 
  • The instructor at the ten-day course starting May 5 is Jen Guimaraes, the former Youth Education Manager at US Sailing. 

The US Sailing Small Boat Level 3 Head Instructor Certification Course, is designed to support sailing instructors and program managers who are either making the transition to a leadership role in their programs or growing their management skills in their current role. This course is also available for parents and volunteers who want to better manage their sailing programs but do not want or need to receive a certification.

This course contains information on how to manage more effectively, problem solve, continue to create a quality learning environment for their students and sailing staff, and where to find additional resources. Topics covered in the course include: classroom and on-the-water teaching techniques, risk management, safety issues, curriculum planning, advanced team building techniques, ethical concerns, and much more. 

The online course is spread over ten days (Fridays are Day 1 and Sunday is Day 10). The course consists of five 40-minute live webinars and includes short presentations. The other days are self-paced and consist of video content, group discussion and posts, assignments, quizzes and a final test. Students should expect to spend 20 hours on course work over the ten days.


O'pen Skiff North American Champs - San Diego CA

Nevin Sayre
Boat Class

Mission Bay Yacht Club


April 29, 2023

USODA Opti Team Trials - St Petersburg FL

Boat Class

May 7, 2023

Preliminary schedule may be adjusted for date overlaps or spread events evenly

This preliminary calendar lists 2023 events that have been proposed as of January 26 by various JSA LIS member clubs. 

The JSA schedule committee will review each event proposal to confirm or to suggest alternate scheduling that will avoid date overlaps or spread similar events more evenly on the calendar.


May 20, 2023

Safety at Sea Seminar - SUNY Maritime

Storm Trysail Club is hosting their annual hands-on Safety At Sea seminar at SUNY Maritime College, Bronx NY.

By attending the course, and viewing Storm Trysail’s video library, participants will earn the “US Sailing Sanctioned Offshore Safety at Sea Course” certification. 

Although this training is primarily attended by adults, youth sailors are welcome to attend if enrolled by a parent. 


May 29, 2023

Memorial Day