Basic Navigation/Seamanship Test:  The on-line Basic Navigation / Seamanship training test is required for all junior sailors and instructor advisers who plan to participate in the Dorade and/or the Beach Point regattas.

The on-line Basic Navigation / Seamanship training test is available now.  There are two steps: 1) each person creates a personal account with their own email and personal password on the testing system at this link, and 2) then use this test access password  JBBS2022.

The test questions are based on the JSA Navigation Course syllabus, which may be viewed online as a PDF.

This is an on-line, open book learning opportunity taken individually by sailors and instructor advisors in a sailing program, using an internet connection day or night. There are 50 random questions on the test and participants will have 90 minutes to complete each test session. If a passing grade of 70% is not achieved in a single test session, the Basic training test may be retaken multiple times until the 70% grade has been reached. Once a passing grade is achieved, a completion certificate may be printed if desired.

Each participant should have a copy of the Training Chart 12354TR Eastern LI Sound available to view during the Basic training test. The chart may be purchased at a low price from marine chart agents, such as Landfall Navigation in Stamford CT, or others listed on the Oceangrafix website. However, an online version of the chart is available as a study aid, which may be substituted for the physical chart if you wish because plotting is not required for the Basic training test.  Participants should also understand the chart symbols on Chart 1 that may be viewed or downloaded online.

Also preview the sample tide chart that is used for one of the questions in the Basic test.