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How do I qualify for JSA Championships?

View the final JSA championship qualifiers position report for all events through Aug 6, 2021. 

View the lists of skippers, sorted by their club’s Junior Program and their Name, who have qualified for these JSA Championships:

– If you find a skipper name on these lists that is not already on your champs entry, you may add that skipper when you update your champs entry.
– If you expect to register for Champs a skipper whose name is not on this list:
a) First review the posted scoring for the regatta in which you think that skipper qualified and then review the Qualifying Calculations Sheet. If the skipper’s finish position is a larger number than the Qualifying Position, that skipper has not qualified for champs and that entry should be withdrawn.
b) If you think that skipper should nevertheless be qualified to enter Champs, please promptly email a full description of the situation to JSA office info@jsalis.org so the question may be resolved promptly.

Other Methods to Qualify: in addition to the list of top percentage finishers described above, JSA rule 4 provides other methods to qualify. If you wish to enter skippers at champs using one of these alternate methods please email the JSA office info@jsalis.org with supporting details:

* If no representative from your junior program qualifies for the JSA championship in a specific boat class, your program may enter one representative for that class who must have participated in at least one qualifying event for that boat class championship (e.g., your program has Optimist red and blue fleet skippers qualified for champs, but no white fleet skippers qualified. In that case, your program may additionally enter one white fleet skipper in Opti champs who has participated in a qualifying event, regardless of finish position. Similarly your program may use this method for other boat classes to assure representation in each of the JSA boat class championships, including Laser Radial and Club 420 champs. (JSA Rule 4.1.6)

* Girls’ Champs in 2021 will be a division within the JSA Radial and the Club 420 Class Champs that is open to junior women who meet the requirements described above. Also eligible will be any junior woman who meets JSA eligibility, but not the championship regatta requirements, and has been recommended by the head of her JSA member program via email to the JSA office (info@jsalis.org).

*  When a qualifying regatta is scheduled but no races are completed, a skipper may qualify for a JSA Championship Event provided they meet all of these conditions: a) The competitor properly registered for the regatta; and b) The competitor was present at the regatta site or in the race area on the day of the event and was prepared to compete; and c) The competitor sailed in the previous year’s JSA Championship Event for the same class of boat and finished in the top 50% overall. (JSA Rule 4.1.5)

Please read JSA Rules for Events #4 on the JSA website in Regattas > Regatta Management, for full details about these and other aspects of championship qualification. If you have questions about the JSA championship qualification process, please email the JSA office info@jsalis.org