JSA Program Director/Administrators

– Administrator Access Guide (describes how to request access on TheClubspot.com and then view the dashboard for your program)

– Clubspot Help Center (comprehensive guides about using Clubspot in 2022. Scroll down to Events where there is also a JSA of LIS Guide to customized functions for JSA program directors/administrators.

– Administrator Video (user interfaces may have been updated by Clubspot since this video, but the procedures remain similar).
Time    Topic
1:25    Checking program director/administrator dashboard
3:42    Payment Methods
4:18    Adding New payment method
7:08   Marking a payment method as default
7:33    Connect Tab to access the JSA roster for your program
9:17    Viewing a member’s information
10:08 Viewing member’s liability waivers and resending a waiver request
11:05  Viewing the Events Tab
11:47  Starting the registration process
12:28 Registering sailors and coaches
17:18  Viewing your registration and updating


JSA Regatta Hosts

– Host Admin Guide (describes how to create a new regatta on TheClubspot.com, post the basic details, and validate that entrants have current year JSA membership)

Clubspot Help Center – Regatta section has the details about setting up, managing, and scoring a regatta in 2022, and also has a JSA of LIS Guide to customized functions for JSA program directors and regatta administrators.

(User interfaces may have been updated by Clubspot since these videos, but the procedures remain similar)

– Host Video #1 – create and set up a new regatta
Time    Topic
2:20   Setting up a new regatta
3:40   Basic details about setting up a new regatta
5:37    Setting up boat classes for a new regatta
10:25  Adding entry fees for a new regatta
12:17  Adding JSA membership validation
14:41  Data collection for membership/ adding custom messages for a new regatta
16:00  Registration
19:08  Waivers for under age / weight permission
21:12  Communication Options


– Host Video #2 – regatta day procedures (check in of participants, scoring, etc.)
Time    Topic
1:07  Managing regatta from the Entry List
2:13  Filtering options for Entry List
4:15  Exporting Information
6:17  How to check sailors/coaches in/ check registration statuses
8:17  Managing a registered sailor
9:07  Checking payment information/refunding/increasing entry fee
10:43 Check in status / check out status
11:50 Viewing a sailor’s waiver/ requesting new waiver
13:05 Housing options
13:45 Sending outboard emails and SMS text messages
15:30 Scoring options for classes
20:03 Scoring options for races
21:27 How to score races with scoring panel and then publish results