JSA Program Director/Administrators

– Administrator Access Guide (describes how to request access on TheClubspot.com and then view the dashboard for your program)

– Clubspot Help Center (comprehensive guides about using Clubspot. Select the Admin Guide and scroll down to Events where there is also a JSA of LIS Guide to customized functions for JSA program directors/administrators.)

– Administrator Video (user interfaces may have been updated by Clubspot since this video was produced, but the procedures remain similar).
Time    Topic
1:25    Checking program director/administrator dashboard
3:42    Payment Methods
4:18    Adding New payment method
7:08   Marking a payment method as default
7:33    Connect Tab to access the JSA roster for your program
9:17    Viewing a member’s information
10:08 Viewing member’s liability waivers and resending a waiver request
11:05  Viewing the Events Tab
11:47  Starting the registration process
12:28 Registering sailors and coaches
17:18  Viewing your registration and updating


JSA Regatta Hosts

– Host Admin Guide (describes how to create a new regatta on TheClubspot.com, post the basic details, and validate that entrants have current year JSA membership)

– Clubspot Help Center – Regatta section has the details about setting up, managing, and scoring a regatta in 2022, and also has a JSA of LIS Guide to customized functions for JSA program directors and regatta administrators.

(user interfaces may have been updated by Clubspot since these videos were produced, but the procedures remain similar).

– Host Video #1 – create and set up a new regatta
Time    Topic
2:20   Setting up a new regatta
3:40   Basic details about setting up a new regatta
5:37    Setting up boat classes for a new regatta
10:25  Adding entry fees for a new regatta
12:17  Adding JSA membership validation
14:41  Data collection for membership/ adding custom messages for a new regatta
16:00  Registration
19:08  Waivers for under age / weight permission
21:12  Communication Options


– Host Video #2 – regatta day procedures (check in of participants, scoring, etc.)
Time    Topic
1:07  Managing regatta from the Entry List
2:13  Filtering options for Entry List
4:15  Exporting Information
6:17  How to check sailors/coaches in/ check registration statuses
8:17  Managing a registered sailor
9:07  Checking payment information/refunding/increasing entry fee
10:43 Check in status / check out status
11:50 Viewing a sailor’s waiver/ requesting new waiver
13:05 Housing options
13:45 Sending outboard emails and SMS text messages
15:30 Scoring options for classes
20:03 Scoring options for races
21:27 How to score races with scoring panel and then publish results