The following is a guide for Program Chairs, Head Instructors and Event Organizers:

Any club providing housing for junior sailors should expect those sailors to be accompanied by an instructor.

Instructors with junior sailors who are receiving housing should:

  • Be responsible for the conduct of his/her group during the racing day, from launching to the end of protest hearings. (Instructors need to be compensated for overtime duty.)
  • Be housed or stay locally, providing the Housing Chairman with a phone number where he/she can be reached in case of emergency.
  • If being housed, obey the house rules of the host family.

Sailors being housed should:

  • Know that assigned housing must be used and stated curfews obeyed.
  • Attend any scheduled dinners and social events or remain at their host’s home with the consent of and under the supervision of their host.
  • Obey any “house rules” set by their host.
  • Express appreciation for hospitality provided by their host family.

Host families should:

  • Provide breakfast.
  • Provide an appropriate adult-chaperoned environment for junior sailors.
  • Make their “house rules” clear.
  • Be familiar with and adhere to regatta rules.
  • Drive sailors to and from the regatta site, understanding that instructors are not permitted to drive sailors.
  • Notify the regatta committee of any problems.