The following are recommended property loss procedures that clubs hosting regattas should implement:

At regattas the host club should:

  • Post lists of missing equipment.
  • Publicize Lost and Found procedures.
  • Designate a highly visible Lost and Found “Guru”
  • Designate a specific storage area for gear and have available a safe or lock up facility for storage of small valuables.
  • Arrange for a marine supplier to be present as a source for replacing broken or missing equipment.

 Program suggestions:

  • Programs should encourage instructors and sailors to carry tool kits and spare parts.
  • Programs (instructors) should teach organizational skills (use of storage bags, marking all equipment, regatta checklists, etc.) to their sailors.

Sailors should learn the following basic principles regarding property loss:

  • Property is usually missing, not stolen.
  • Look actively for missing property.
  • Never borrow.
  • Work with instructors to resolve equipment problems.
  • Sailors and instructors should inform the appropriate regatta or program authority if they cannot resolve a property loss problem themselves.