View the JSA championship qualifiers position report for all events through August 8, 2019.

– View the list of JSA Qualified Skippers by Name for the JSA Optimist Championships from the qualifier events through August 8, 2019. 

– View the list of JSA Qualified Skippers by Name for the JSA Championships (Laser Standard, Radial and C420) from the Laser and Club 420 qualifier events through August 1, 2019.

A list of regattas for this summer with registration information, Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions, may be viewed below. If you cannot find the NOR or SI for an event in the list below, look also on TheClubspot where the event may have been posted. You may filter the list by typing your search term in the “Search” region below.

Prior year information:  JSA regatta results from 2018 are available at this link.

Event DateRegister byEvent NameEvent DetailsResults
06/26/201906/24/2019U.S. Area B Sears Cup - Sonar - WFCEvent SiteResults
07/01/201906/28/2019Law Trophy - C420/L/R/Fev - IHYCEvent SiteResults
07/03/201907/02/2019Eastern Districts - C420/L - NOROEvent SiteResults
07/03/201907/02/2019Eastern Districts - Fev/Pix/R - NORWEvent SiteResults
07/03/201907/02/2019Western Districts - C420/L/R/Pix/Fev - SCLFEvent SiteResults
07/05/201907/04/2019Sunset Distance Race PHRF - AYCEvent SiteResults
07/06/201907/05/2019Expressly for Fun Regatta - PHRF - HUGUEvent Site
07/07/201907/05/2019Opti Girls Clinic & Regatta - NOROEvent SiteResults
07/08/201907/06/2019McIntyre Team Race Champs - SUNYEvent SiteResults
07/09/201907/05/2019Opti Area A - SIYCEvent SiteResults
07/10/201907/09/2019Feva/Opti/Radial Invitational - HUGUEvent SiteResults
07/11/201907/10/2019Invitational - PYC - Feva/BIC/C420/REvent SiteResults
07/13/201907/11/2019Opti Area B - RYCEvent SiteResults
07/13/201907/10/2019Opti Area C - PYC - Opti RumbleEvent SiteResults
07/13/201907/10/2019U.S. Area B Junior Champs - Ossining NY - C420 & RadialEvent SiteResults
07/15/201907/09/2019Larchmont Jr Race Week - LYC - C420/L/R/Pix/FevEvent SiteResults
07/16/201907/12/2019Jr Olympic Fun Festival Rye Rumble - Feva/BIC/Wave/I18 - AYCEvent Site
07/18/201907/11/2019Opti Area B - LYC Optimist DayEvent SiteResults
07/19/201907/10/2019Jr. Safety at Sea Seminar - LYCEvent Site
07/22/201907/21/2019Rocky Point Green Fleet Breakwater Cup - RPCEvent Info
07/22/201907/15/2019JSA Race Week - L/R/C420 - CPYCEvent SiteResults
07/23/201907/19/2019Optimist Open with Green Fleet - HHYCEvent SiteResults
07/24/201907/19/2019Open Feva Day - CPYCEvent SiteResults
07/24/201907/17/2019Opti Area A and O'Pen BIC - DYSEvent SiteResults
07/24/201907/19/2019Opti Area C with Green Fleet - MYCEvent SiteResults
07/25/201907/22/2019JSA Pixel / Feva / BIC Race Week with Pixel Champs - MBYCEvent SiteResults
07/27/201907/26/2019Make a Wish Regatta - PWYC - Opti/C420/L/R/Pixel/BJ/BICEvent SiteResults
07/27/201907/22/2019Opti Area B - AYCEvent SiteResults
07/29/201907/26/2019Optimania Fun Opti Regatta - BPYC - Green FleetEvent Site
07/29/201907/26/2019Advanced Navigation Contest - PWYC, RYC, BPYCEventSite
07/30/201907/25/2019Green Fleet Regatta - CPYCEvent List
07/30/201907/23/2019Opti Area C - STAM - Cannon CupEvent SiteResults
07/31/201907/26/2019Feva/Opti/Radial Regatta - HUGUEvent SiteResults
07/31/201907/28/2019Roton Point Green Fleet - RPSAEvent Site
08/01/201907/26/2019Laser/C420 Regatta - SIYCEvent SiteResults
08/01/201907/29/2019Opti Green Fleet - RYC Monkey CupEvent Site
08/01/201907/23/2019RS Feva Class NA and JSA Feva Champs - LYCEvent SiteResults
08/02/201907/30/2019Opti Area A with Green Fleet - CYC - Ice Cream CupEvent SiteResults
08/02/201907/31/2019Race Around Shelter Island - SIYCEvent SiteResults
08/05/201908/02/2019Opti Area B - BHCEvent SiteResults
08/05/201908/03/2019JSA Laser/C420 Champs + Girls Champs - IHYCEvent SiteResults
08/07/201908/01/2019Lubeck Memorial Jr. Big Boat Regatta - BRYCEvent SiteResults
08/08/201908/06/2019Opti Area A - HBC Waldo CupEvent SiteResults
08/08/201908/01/2019Opti Area C - CPYCEvent SiteResults
08/08/2019Dinghy Race on Fishers Island Sound - C420 - Niantic CTEvent SiteResults
08/09/201908/08/2019PWYC Team Race - Opti/BIC [Rescheduled]Event Site
08/09/201908/06/2019Green Fleet Gala - AYCEvent Site
08/11/201908/09/2019JSA Optimist Champs - AYCEvent SiteResults
08/12/201908/10/2019Dorade Regatta PHRF - STAMEvent SiteResults
08/13/201908/09/2019Big Bash - AYC - Feva, BIC, Wave, Ideal, WindsurfEvent Site
08/14/201908/13/2019Marlinspike Seamanship Contest - BPYC [Rescheduled]Event List
08/14/201908/08/2019Beach Point Overnight Race PHRF - BPYC [Rescheduled]Event SiteResults
08/14/201908/12/2019LIS Windsurfing Champs - AYCEvent Info
08/15/201908/14/2019Optimist Alternate with Green Fleet - SAGAEvent Site
08/26/201908/09/2019Level 1 Instructor Course - Rye NYEvent Site
09/14/2019 09/12/2019NY State Optimist Champs - WFCEvent Site
09/21/2019 09/09/2019Level 1 Instructor Course – Oyster Bay NYCourse Calendar
09/21/201909/14/2019Safe Powerboat Handling Course – BronxCourse Calendar
10/05/2019 09/30/2019Safe Powerboat Handling + Launch – BronxCourse Calendar
11/01/201910/15/2019Powerboat Instructor Training Course – BronxCourse Calendar