View the JSA 2018 championship Qualifiers Position Report and the resulting List of Qualified Skipper Names prepared from that position report.  Scroll through this list for easy access to event documents and results.
If you cannot find the NOR  for an event in the list below, look also on Regatta Toolbox where the event may have been posted during the past day.

Prior year information:  JSA event results from 2017 are available at this link.

Event DateRegister byEvent NameEvent DetailsResults
6/29/20186/28/2018YRALIS Sears Cup - Sonar - WFCNOR+SIResults
7/2/20186/30/2018Opti Area A - SIYCNOR+SIResults
7/2/20186/29/2018Law Trophy - C420/L/R/Fev - IHYCNOR+SIResults
7/5/20187/2/2018Eastern Districts - C420/L - NORONOR+SIResults
7/5/20187/2/2018Eastern Districts - Fev/Pix/R - NORWNOR+SIResults
7/7/20187/6/2018JSA Girls Champs - Radial - AYCNOR+SIResults
7/8/20187/6/2018Opti Girls Clinic & Regatta - NORONOR+SIResults
7/8/20187/6/2018U.S. Area B Junior Champs - SIYC - Sears, Bemis, Smythe qualifierNOR+SIResults
7/9/20187/7/2018McIntyre Team Race Champs - SUNYNOR+SIResults
7/10/20187/10/2018Rye Rumble Jr Olympic Fun Festival - Feva/BIC/Hobie/I18 - AYCNOR+SIPending
7/12/20187/10/2018Western Districts - C420/L/R/Pix/Fev - SCLFNOR+SIResults
7/12/20187/11/2018Invitational - PYC - Feva/BIC/C420/RNOR+SIResults
7/14/20187/10/2018Opti Area C - PYC - Opti RumbleNOR+SIResults
7/15/20187/13/2018Opti Area B - RYCNOR+SIResults
7/16/20187/10/2018Larchmont Jr Race Week - LYC - C420/L/R/Pix/FevNOR+SIResults
7/17/20187/3/2018U.S. Junior Women's Singlehanded Championship (Leiter) - Radial - STAMNOR+SIResults
7/18/20187/17/2018Opti Area A and O'Pen BIC - DYSNOR+SIResults
7/19/20187/18/2018Larchmont Opti DayNOR+SIResults
7/19/20187/19/2018Random Pairs C420 Team Race Practice Day - AYCNotice
7/20/20187/18/2018Jr Safety at Sea - LYC/STF - PHRFNotice
7/23/20187/20/2018JSA Race Week - L/R/C420 - CPYCNOR+SIResults
JSA Race Week Feva Day - CPYCNOR+SIResults
7/26/20187/25/2018Opti Area A - HBC Waldo CupNOR+SI Results
7/26/20187/23/2018Opti Green Fleet - RYC Monkey CupNOR+SI
7/26/20187/23/2018JSA Pixel / Feva / BIC Race Week with Pixel Champs - MBYCNOR+SIResults
7/27/20187/26/2018PWYC Team Race - Opti/BICNOR+SI
7/28/20187/27/2018Make a Wish Regatta - PWYC - Opti/C420/L/R/Pixel/BJ/BICNOR+SIResults
7/28/20187/23/2018Opti Area B - AYCNOR+SIResults
7/30/20187/27/2018Rocky Point Green Fleet Breakwater Cup - RPCNOR+SI
7/30/20187/27/2018Advanced Navigation Contest - PWYC, RYC, BPYCNotice
7/31/20187/27/2018Opti Area C - STAM - Cannon CupNOR+SIResults
7/31/20187/29/2018Optimania Fun Opti Regatta - BPYCNotice
7/31/20187/30/2018Twilight Big Boat PHRF - PWYCNOR+SIResults
8/1/20187/30/2018Feva/Opti/Radial Regatta - HUGUNOR+SIResults
8/1/20187/29/2018Roton Point Green Fleet - RPSANOR+SI
8/2/20187/31/2018Laser/C420 Regatta - SIYCNOR+SIResults
8/2/20187/28/2018RS Feva Class North Americas - IHYCNOR+SIResults
8/3/20187/31/2018Opti Area A with Green Fleet - CYC - Ice Cream CupNOR+SIResults
8/3/20188/1/2018Opti Area C with Green Fleet - MYC
8/6/20188/1/2018Jr. Big Boat PHRF - BRYCNOR and entry form
8/6/20188/3/2018Opti Area B - BHCNOR+SIResults
8/7/20188/4/2018Opti Area C - CPYCNOR+SIResults
8/7/20188/5/2018JSA Laser/C420 Champs - AYCNOR+SIResults
8/9/20188/6/2018Green Fleet Regatta - CPYCNOR+SI
8/9/20188/6/2018JSA Feva Champs - IHYCNOR+SIResults
8/9/20188/8/2018Optimist Alternate with Green Fleet - SAGANOR+SIResults
8/10/20188/8/2018Green Fleet Gala - AYCNOR+SI
8/13/20188/10/2018Big Bash - AYC - Feva, BIC, Wave, Ideal, WindsurfNOR+SIResults
8/13/20188/11/2018Dorade Regatta PHRF - STAMNOR and entry formsResults
8/13/20188/8/2018JSA Optimist Champs - SEAWNOR+SIResults
8/14/20188/14/2018LIS Windsurfing Champs - AYCNOR+SIResults
8/14/20188/10/2018Beach Point Overnight Race PHRF - BPYCNOR and entry formsResults
8/14/20188/13/2018JSA Marlinspike Contest - BPYCNotice