Law Trophy Regatta: The Commodore Law Trophy Regatta, hosted by Indian Harbor YC, is one of the oldest junior regattas in the United States. It was first sailed in 1929 and is the first JSA of LIS regatta of the summer sailing season.

The Law Trophy Regatta is open to skippers who:
i) finished in the top 40% (according to JSA rules) at JSA scheduled events for Lasers, Laser Radials and Club 420s and Fevas during the previous calendar year; or
ii) sailed in the Area B semi-finals for the Bemis/Smythe championships the previous year; or
iii) were accepted to sail in the US Youth Sailing Championship for the current or prior year; or
iv) were approved by the Indian Harbor Yacht Club after submission of a resume by June 21 of the current year (see note below).

All competitors shall:
i) reach their 13th but not their 19th birthday during the calendar year; and
ii) be Junior Sailor members of the JSA; and
iii) be members of US Sailing.

The Law Trophy Regatta Notice of Race is posted here.

Note about resume submission: If you believe your skills qualify you for participation in the Commodore Law Trophy Regatta, but you do not meet criteria i), ii) or iii) above, you may submit your sailing resume not later than the above deadline (see below link for a resume form). Decisions by the Indian Harbor YC will be based on information from the prior year sailing season that began in spring of the prior year up through the spring of the current year. Sailors must demonstrate a clear and compelling reason why they should be admitted to compete in this regatta.  Evidence of strong growth in fall or spring regattas is important, as is success in the fleet in which you are applying to sail. Recent clinic training in the fleet in which you are applying to sail is also considered. Please write and submit your own resume, then email to Do not use postal or hand delivery. If your resume is accepted by the Indian Harbor YC, you will be notified so you may be included in your club’s Law Trophy registration. Your junior sailing office need not be involved with your submission, other than by encouraging you to consider this opportunity.


The top 40% eligible skippers in Lasers, Laser Radials, Club 420s and Fevas during the previous calendar year are on this list of skippers.
To read more about the track to the national championships, please go to this page.
The Law Trophy Resume form may be found here.
The top two finishers of both the Club 420 and Laser Radial classes at the Law Trophy Regatta will be eligible to have their US Sailing Area B Championship entry fee sponsored by the JSA in accord with JSA Rule 5.7.1.