The resources from the JSA of LIS meeting that was held during the evening of March 10 and 11, 2021, may be viewed below:

  • March 10 evening:
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      • 0:00:01  Introduction and JSA business Peg Jackson, Meeting Chair; Janet Grapengeter and Alex Helfand, JSA Co-chairs, and Jonathan Arnold, JSA Treasurer.
      • 0:08:42  Lessons Learned from 2020 Christina Meyer & Tomas Ruiz, Seawanhaka Corinthian YC; Ira Bigeleisen, City Island YC; Doug Reynolds, Larchmont  YC; Alex Helfand, New York Athletic Club, and Jill DelBello, registered nurse.
      • 0:45:55  Siebel Sailors Program Values MacKenzie McGuckin, US Sailing Siebel Coach in FL
      • 1:09:50  Leadership, an Essential Element Rich du Moulin, Storm Trysail Foundation chair, who also chaired the Storm Trysail Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium that promoted a culture of safety and leadership in sailing. 
      • 1:46:39  Clean Regattas Sustainability Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick, Emma Janson and Paige Myatt, representing Sailors for the Sea
  • March 11 evening:
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      • 0:00:01 Event Updates Alex Helfand
      • 0:02:58  Junior Program Risk Management Jeff Bresnahan, Shelter Island YC and Connecticut College; Henry Millette, Indian Harbor YC and Venice Youth Sailing; Tim Clark, Pequot YC and JSA Board.
      • 0:36:05  Skill-up Digital Skill Development John Pearce, Director of Sport Development at US Sailing.
      • 0:56:27  Using The Laser 4.7 as a Transition Boat Lawrence McGrath, Stamford YC sailing director, and Kai McCulloch who sails the 4.7 rig at Huguenot YC.
      • 1:22:28  What 2021 JSA Racing Events Might Look Like John Lombard and Warren Costikyan, JSA board members
      • 1:46:02  SafeSport Update Janet Grapengeter, JSA co-chair