We all aspire to have a successful sailing season, a season of safe and happy Jr Sailors and their parents. That success hinges on good Leadership. Leadership is the glue that holds a program together and makes for a safe season. Good leadership minimizes the chance of a dangerous situation occurring, and when something does go wrong, good leadership maximizes the chance for a satisfactory outcome.

Rich du Moulin, who has introduced junior sailors to Safety at Sea training since 1997, moderated our March 10 discussion on the relationship between Leadership and Safety and how we can integrate Leadership concepts into the operation of our junior programs. In 2020, Rich chaired the Storm Trysail Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium that brought together leaders from within, and outside, the sailing world to better understand and promote a culture of safety and leadership in sailing.

Key Concepts explored by Rich on March 10 included:
• A look back at some great leaders!
• Establishing a culture safety culture requires good leadership from the top down.
• What makes a good leader?
• The need for good communication – encouraging everyone to speak up
• Watching out for each other – helping everyone to be better
• Preventing over confidence – using a check list
• Leadership is getting the most out of your people
• Maintaining control while Empowering your staff
• Exploring the potential for leadership in your junior sailors

You may find more background information by viewing video highlights and the written report from the Storm Trysail Club Leadership Forum. While many of the presenters were talking from experiences on the ocean in big boats, or in other areas where leadership counts, there are many takeaways relevant to Junior Program Leaders, their staff and the junior sailors we are all responsible for.

We hope that leaders at any level can watch the full 70 minute video, but if you cannot spend that time, here are a few video segments to focus on: