JSA Laser information

Fleet Divisions Min. Age Max. Age Min. Weight Requirement Number of Crew
Laser Open 14 18 130 1
Laser Radial Open 14 18 110 1
Laser 4.7 Open 14 18 105 1

Age and Weight Requirements:
A sailor’s age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any event during that year. Weight and age requirements may be requested to be waived for a specific regatta by written consent of the Sailor’s parent together with recommendation of Program Chair and Head Instructor. Such requests are subject to acceptance solely by the regatta host club.

Sail Numbers for Lasers:
The JSA has discontinued the need to use a special number on Laser sails for 2017 regattas. Laser regattas will be scored using the six-digit Laser Class Association number that is already assigned to the hull and applied to the sail as described in the Laser Class Rules. (please contact the JSA office if you have questions about this change)

Laser Class Association North America website may be viewed at