The JSA of LIS and US Sailing need help hosting three-day US Sailing Small Boat Instructor Level 1 in-person evaluation sessions during the spring and fall, as well as two-day Level 2 in-person courses. We are trying to identify organizations / facilities in the Western Long Island Sound region that are willing to host one or more of these in-person sessions.

Some things host sites for Level 1 and Level 2 In Person Sessions need to provide, or source from neighboring clubs that may share sailing assets:

  • Indoor/outdoor classroom space for 10-12 people. Each session is limited to 8 to 10 Instructor Candidates (ICs) and one Instructor Trainer (IT). If possible, registrants will be ICs local to our area, which will benefit the hosting organization as well as neighboring organizations.
  • The boats required are single- or double-handed sailboats sufficient for 10 people (these can be C420s, Lasers, Fevas, or some combination; the C420 and Feva may even be sailed with just the mainsail depending on the sailing conditions and the skills of the ICs assigned to those boats). Two coach powerboats are also required.
  • Each in-person session will comply with current state, local and facility specific requirements to minimize likelihood of disease transmission.

If programs are able to host, please first coordinate dates with the JSA Office (, and then complete the “Host a Course” online form on the US Sailing website for a “Small Boat Level 1” or “Small Boat Level 2” course (host clubs may review the detailed requirements for host facilities through a link on that form). Additional questions may be directed to US Sailing’s Small Boat Education Department at

Details for the complete US Sailing Level 1 hybrid course, online introduction session plus in-person session.
Details for the US Sailing Level 1 in-person session, only.

Details for the US Sailing Level 2 in-person course.