JSA O’pen Skiff information

Fleet Min. Age Max. Age Min. Weight Requirement Number of Crew
O’pen Skiff – U13
O’pen Skiff – U17
12 years
12 years
16 years
None 1 person

Age Requirements:
A sailor’s age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any O’pen Skiff event during that year.

What do you need to safely sail your O’pen Skiff?
The JSA has a list of items necessary for O’pen Skiffs to fulfill in order to race at regattas. Even if you do not race, your boat should comply with the JSA’s Feva Safety Checklist, which is in JSA Rule Appendix [TBD – floating towing rope of minimum length 33 ft (7 m) and a minimum thickness of 5/16” (8 mm) shall be securely fixed to the mast at all times when afloat. Clothing and equipment worn or carried by the crew shall not weigh more than 20 lbs (9 kg) when weighed in accordance with RRS Appendix H] .