The JSA of LIS welcomes local service providers to the March 4, 2023 Midwinter Meeting at the Beach Point Club, Mamaroneck NY, to provide information about the services available to the JSA member club junior programs.


The audience is expected to be around 30 people in-person  who may visit the display room during the registration period and during breaks in the morning schedule. An additional 20 people on Zoom may see only a text blurb that is described below. You may attend in-person or via Zoom.


Each service provider may email a 200 word text blurb to the JSA office by end of day March 1, which will be copied two-to-a-page and distributed to attendees (in person and on Zoom) with other meeting handouts (view the handout example from a prior meeting). During the first sessions of the meeting, each service-provider organization representative will be introduced briefly, and the handout will be referenced for specific info about each provider’s products/services. The audience will then be invited to visit the service provider displays in the adjacent room during the breaks. The space available for literature or sample display will be a square table, about 36″ x 36”, along the side of a room adjacent to the meeting room. Because of the limited space in the room, please display only what will fit on the table (no exhibits / displays / easels standing on the floor, or banners / backdrops hanging on the wall). A view of a typical display table at a prior meeting may be seen here.


Please feel free to email the JSA office with any questions.