Employers and instructor candidates will benefit by reading these recruiting tips to learn a) how to post job ads, b) respond to ads, c) understand the basic certifications required for instructors hired by JSA member programs, and d) be aware of current laws about pay range disclosure.


The following JSA LIS member sailing programs are actively looking for qualified candidates to fill positions at their junior sailing programs. You may filter the ads by typing your search term in the “Keywords” or “Location” box below. For example, type Feva as a keyword if you want to view only the jobs for coaches and instructors who teach Feva sailors. Also try variations of keywords like: Club 420 or C420, and Laser or ILCA, and Optimist or Opti. Or, to search only locations in New York State, type NY as the location, and for Connecticut type CT.


In addition to the ads posted below, please see ads on other websites like Sail1Design that are posted by organizations in the Long Island Sound region.