JSA RS Feva information

Fleet Min. Age Max. Age Min. Weight Requirement Number of Crew
RS Feva 11 years 18 years 180 pounds 2 persons

Age Requirements: (changed from 12 years to 11 years as of May 2024)
A sailor’s age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any Feva event during that year. One sailor in a crew of two may seek permission for a specific regatta if their age is under 11 by written consent of the Sailor’s parent together with recommendation of Program Chair and Head Instructor. Such requests are subject to acceptance solely by the regatta host club.

Weight Requirements:
For a two-person crew, the helmsperson and crew must weigh a minimum of 180 pounds fully dressed for sailing. No ballast is permitted. No waivers will be given for this minimum weight.

What do you need to safely sail your Feva?
The JSA has a list of items necessary for Fevas to fulfill in order to race at regattas. Even if you do not race, your boat should comply with the JSA’s Feva Safety Checklist, which is in JSA Rule Appendix C [Bow line 26’ minimum length 8mm diameter – must float; Mast Gate – Closed and secured with bolt and nut; Inspection port covers – Installed (3); Drain Plug – Stern (1); Daggerboard Retainer (1); Rudder Retainer is functioning].