Please take 30 minutes to complete this annual JSA Junior Program Survey about your 2016 summer program activities, including curriculum and organization, counts of sailors, staff and boats, staff hiring, and other information useful for next season.

Designate one person from your program to respond to the survey, and then we will distribute summarized results for use during your 2017 hiring activity, which begins in Thanksgiving week for many clubs.

Please give us the most complete information you can and you will share in the feedback. Your specific responses are kept confidential and only summarized results will be published, with no identification of the source.

Your club information

1. Your contact info so we can email the results to you when the survey is tabulated. Your club’s information will be confidential because only summarized results will be published.

2. What is your role?

3. If you are a Program Chair/Co­Chair, please answer these questions about your club’s junior program leadership structure: How many years is the term of Jr. Committee Chair? How many years have you served as Chair? Will you be continuing as Chair next year? Do you have a co­chair to assist with transition at end of your term?

This section focuses on the composition of your club’s fleet, fees and curriculum for your program during 2016.

4. Is your program open to non members? If Yes, how does your program benefit from accepting non­members?

5. How many sailors did you have in each age group, and in total?

6. How was your enrollment in 2016 compared to prior year? Unchanged / Up / Down. If your numbers are up or down, why do you think that change occurred?

7. How many sailors did you have sailing in the following boat classes? If a sailor sailed in more than one type of boat, please count him/her for each such boat classes. Optimist, Pixel, Blue Jay, O’pen BIC, Laser 4.7-Radial-Standard, Feva, Club 420, Ideal 18, Windsurfer, Paddleboard, Kayak, Other.

8. How many club owned boats did you use?

9. How many privately owned boats did you use?

10. If you used other boats not listed, which types were they?

11. Please describe the basic program fees for your program in 2016.

12. Additional comment about above fees:

13. Questions about club owned boats. Is there a club boat charter fee in addition to the program fee? Do you allow club boats go to away regattas?

14. Please describe how you encourage non­racing sailors to be involved. Do you have special programs, such as adventure sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding and marine arts/sciences, etc.?

15. Did some of your sailors participate in specialized coaching clinics/programs? Which clinics/programs (LISOT, LIMA, etc.)? How did you encourage these sailors to remain involved with your own club’s regular junior program?

16. Did you have a jr. big boat sailing program? Is your JBBS program also open to teen sailors who are not in your dinghy programs? Does your JBBS program include seamanship and cruising, as well as racing? Did you use the JBBS training materials available from US Sailing?

17. Do you have a junior program handbook for sailors and parents? Does it include a code of conduct for your club’s parents and sailors? If so, please describe how you encourage adherence to your code. Did you have any conduct issues with sailors or instructors onsite at your club or while they were away at regattas?

18. How do you update parents about program happenings during summer? Do you use printed newsletter, email or social media? How often do you publish or post? What are the typical topics reported? Who authors the stories?

19. Safety: Please describe your club’s capsize and recovery training and supervision, including that provided to sailors who are transitioning to double handed boats with spinnaker and trapeze. Do you have an Emergency Action plan for immediate action during an emergency? Do you have a Crisis Communications plan for post­emergency coordination? How did you train staff to implement those plans? Did you have any significant injuries to sailors or instructors onsite at your club or while they were away at regattas?

20. Physical asset protection: What precautions do you take ahead of storm season specifically for your junior sailing facility (relocating or securing junior office equipment/records, boats, sails, rigging and other gear, etc.) over and above the general prep by your club?

This section focuses on your club’s staff hiring, payroll and employment practices.

21. Please list the headcount for each group of staff in 2016: Jr. Instructor in training; 1st Year ­ under 18 yrs old; 1st Year ­ over 18 yrs old; 2nd Year or more; Racing Coach (not listed above); Head Instructor; Office Administrator; Summer Program/Sailing Director

22. Do you have a Program/Sailing Director in addition to a Head Instructor? If yes, what are the general responsibilities of your Program/Sailing Director as compared to your Head Instructor?

23. Do you have an Office Administrator in addition to a Head Instructor or Program Director? If yes, what are the general responsibilities of your Office Administrator as compared to your Head Instructor or Program Director?

24. Please specify typical amounts paid weekly to your staff in 2016.

25. If you have junior instructors in training, please describe their duties and hours per week. Are they considered volunteers or do you provide some compensation in cash or as a gift?

26. Please answer these questions about staff hiring, employment and payroll practices in your program:
-Additional comments about staff pay?
-Number weeks paid during summer?
-Number hours paid weekly?
-Paid by hour or fixed salary?
-Did you pay overtime?
-How did you determine eligibility for overtime?
-If bonus was paid, how calculated?
-How compensated for out of town and multi-day regattas?
-Did all staff have the US Sailing Level 1 basic certification?
-Did any staff have the US Sailing Level 2 intermediate certification?
-Did any staff have the US Sailing Level 3 Coach or Level 3 Head Instructor certification?
-How many staff had the Safe Powerboat Handling certification?
-Did you pay for any training &certification fees? What %?
-Did you provide lunch or pay a lunch fee?
-What gear was provided (radios, cellphone, uniforms, etc)?
-Did you have job descriptions and job offers in writing?
-Did you conduct background checks before hiring?

27. Did you hire any instructors from other countries? Did that work well? What visa sponsoring agency did you use? Did you accept their home country instructor certification in lieu of US Sailing certification? Did you provide USCG approved PFDs to instructors from other countries?

28. Did you, your instructors or other club junior program leaders attend the pre­season training sessions listed below? Do you have suggestions for enhancements (topics covered, presenters, timing, etc.)? Event Management (April); Spring Meeting (June); Head Instructor (June); All­Instructor (June); Do you have any training enhancement suggestions?

Please also give us your thoughts about the JSA of LIS program in general.

29. Please let JSA know which methods of communications you think your families will benefit from next year. The JSA provides timely updates during the summer on a variety of media, such as the website or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.Would you like to see more or different type content? Did you share stories  and photos from your own club for other JSA sailors to read?

30. Online registration: Did you download family/sailor data from the JSA online waiver database to assist with registration for your program in spring? Did you also use an online service to assist your spring program registration? Did you use an online regatta management system (e.g., YachtScoring, or RegattaTech or other) in addition to the JSA online waiver database for registration at regattas you hosted? Please describe details.

31. Coach boats: What type of coach boats do you use (RIB or Boston Whaler style)? How many boats of each type? Are your coach boats clearly labeled with your club’s name? Do you use outboard motor propeller guards?

34. Regatta topics:
-What do you expect for the regatta entry fee? Examples: t-shirt, lunch, snack, water, trophy, other?
-Do your sailors bring refillable water bottles to regattas?
-What $ regatta entry fee is reasonable in your opinion for a 1 day regatta, per sailor? And per instructor?
-Would you pay a higher entry fee for a greater variety or quality of regatta services?
-What type of trophies do you prefer? Examples: metal, acrylic, glass, wood, etc.
-How many places deep do you expect trophies will be awarded?
-Beyond what travel distance do you hope the host club will provide housing for your sailors?
-Do you want spectator boats to be available at a regatta?
-Do you want practice time to be available in advance of a regatta?
-What time of day do you prefer races start and end during the summer?
-Are there any other enhancements you’d like to see at regattas?

35. Are there changes you would like to see in the JSA of LIS event schedule?

36. Are there enhancements you would like to see in the JSA of LIS organization itself?

37. Are there any other comments you would like to make?

The survey is finished. Thanks for responding.