US Sailing has presented information about safety at yacht clubs, sailing programs and regattas during its annual conferences:

  • 2016: Excellent information may be found in the archives from the 2016 Leadership Forum (in the safety section: Safety Ethos at Your Organization; How Safe is your Mark Set Boat; Safety Hazards at Sailing Programs; Lessons from Sailing Incidents).
  • 2017: The archives of the 2017 National Sailing Programs Symposium have safety topics spread around various tracks. Presentations included Practice and Refine your Emergency Action Plan;  Harassment Training for Supervisors;  Developing Youth Through Powerboating (provide education and experience in safe operation by using your club’s powerboats as part of the regular junior program curriculum). The complete list of topics may be viewed here.
  • 2018: Excellent information is also in the archives from the 2018 Leadership Forum (in the safety section: How SafeSport Affects Everyone; Background Checks; Junior Program Safety from Docks to Documents; Prepare & Respond to On-Water Crisis).