Now that junior sailing programs are coming to a close, please confirm the final roster count for your junior program, which will help complete the billing for 2020 Family and Instructor JSA Dues. The invoice for the first portion of dues, issued in June, was estimated from prior year roster counts. The invoice for the remaining portion of dues will be based on the actual roster counts of your junior program during this summer, with credit for the prior estimated payment.

Please designate one person from your junior sailing program to respond to this online survey for Junior Program Roster Counts and JSA Dues

After JSA receives your actual program roster counts based on the survey, the invoice for the remaining portion of dues will be sent from the JSA office to your club (each Family: with one sailor @ $75, two sailors @ $100, and three sailors or more @ $125;  each Instructor @ $15).

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Please contact with any questions.